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Get FREE Delivery In Lagos On All Orders From The Lawyers Bookstore This Month of July

Get FREE Delivery In Lagos On All Orders From The Lawyers Bookstore This Month of July

Dear Lawyers,

At our lawyers bookstore, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in the legal profession. We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of books, resources, and study materials that are sure to help you excel in your legal career.

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Book Of The Week:  The Employment Law Handbook

Book Of The Week:  The Employment Law Handbook

While there are many well-researched books on the general principles of Labour and Employment Law, there is a dearth of quick reference materials for Human Resource Managers and Legal Practitioners who have to grapple with taking decisions and advising on workplace related issues on a daily basis.
The Employment Law Handbook is written to fill a gap identified in the nature of texts on Employment and Labour Law in Nigeria.
This book provides answers to most of the frequently asked questions on Employment and Labour Law, contains a synopsis of all Employment and Labour Law related legislations as well as selection of precedents.
In the words of a former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Bayo Ojo, SAN, ‘This insightful book coming from someone who demonstrates a commendable solid knowledge of the subject, is lucidly written, free of the usual technical jargons and presented in an easy to read language. It is a great, lively, vigorous, engaging and stimulating book, that is recommended for reading by all class of people including experts, and the general public who seeks a handy reference material and a rudimentary understanding of the elementary of labour laws’.
The Author, Jamiu Akolade is currently a Legal Counsel within the Global Litigation team of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). Before joining SPDC, he was a dispute resolution Counsel in Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor & Segun, a top-tier commercial law firm where he was part of the employment litigation team.

In his years of practice, Jamiu has advised extensively on employee wrongful termination claims, redundancies, executive compensation,
compensation for workplace injuries and has also represented high net worth clients in State and Federal Courts. 

Order your copy on the lawyers book store via this link
Increase Your Income As A Lawyer

Increase Your Income As A Lawyer

Did you know some of the richest lawyers in Nigeria include Wole Olanipekun SAN, Chief Afe Babalola SAN, Wale Babalakin SAN, and Gbenga Oyebode. Also, some of the richest lawyers in the world according to Biglaw Investor, include Wichai Thongtang from Thailand worth $1.8 billion; Charlie Munger worth $1. Billion, and Bill Neukom worth $850 million. You may be familiar with some of these names. Contrary to what some people will have you believe, being a lawyer is still one of the highest paying careers in Nigeria and the world.

However, like every other profession or career, success does not come easy, it takes hard work, dedication, and integrity to become a successful lawyer. Also, Nigerian lawyers have an advantage over certain lawyers in other jurisdictions, being that Nigerian lawyers are called as Barristers and Solicitors, meaning you can earn money either as a Barrister, a Solicitor, or both.

If you will like to become one of the highest paying lawyers, here are a five tips you can include in your everyday schedule that will have on your way;

  1. Learn, unlearn and relearn every day.
  2. Be Organized
  3. Build and maintain a network
  4. Take advantage of technology
  5. Be creative and innovative

Interestingly, at Legalnaija, we also have tools that can help advance your law career, increase your income and promote your brand. Some of these include;

  1. The Lawyers Directory which helps users find you online through your area of practice, location and gender.
  2. The Blawg on which you can publish your expert opinions, commentaries and law articles for the public to read.
  3. Our Contract Templates which cut drafting time by over 98% so you can focus on more serious matters.
  4. The Online Bookstore where you can order some of the most recent legal textbooks and journals in your area of practice.
  5. A Research Assistant that cuts your research time significantly by providing you with quick answers, and
  6. Our Online Dispute Resolution platform where you can negotiate, record and resolve your client disputes.

All the tools mentioned above are available on our website and taking advantage of them is what you need to get you on your way to success.

Remember, we are always rooting for you.

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2 Tools On Legalnaija To Help Advance Your Legal Practice

2 Tools On Legalnaija To Help Advance Your Legal Practice


We know how important your legal career is to you and we have 2 (Two) Tools that can help you advance your legal career.

  1. The Legalnaija Lawyers Directory

The Directory enables Lawyers complete a professional profile in order to enhance visibility on the Internet. By subscribing to the Directory, a Lawyer increases access to prospective clients and strengthens professional reputation among peers and within the legal community.People who are looking to hire a Lawyer can also visit your profile and contact you via email, or phone call, if you have an active subscription on the Directory. Importantly, Section 39(4) of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC), allows lawyers to subscribe to a Lawyers Directory.

To subscribe, follow these simple steps –

  1. Log on to
  2. Create and verify your account
  3. Fill in your details, attach all (Call To Bar certificate, Current payment of professional fees) relevant documents and submit for verification.
  4. You will be notified of your approval via email.

Please note that your verification will be suspended if you fail to complete your profile and attach all relevant documents. If however your application is suspended, ensure your profile is updated, your credentials are uploaded and your verification will resume. Subscription fee is 1,000 Naira only monthly. Hurry, you get a 30 day free trial when you sign up.

Did we mention you also get access to customizable templates to aid your legal drafting? There is so much waiting for you on the Legalnaija web app. SUBSCRIBE HERE


  1. The Legalnaija online law book store

Law books are lifelines for lawyers, law firms, law researchers and law students. The importance of law books cannot be overemphasized, and on the Legalnaija online book store, we have books that would boost your law practice and help build your law library, all of which are readily available for immediate purchase and international delivery.

Some of our highly recommended publications include;

  1. The Nigerian Electricity Market; Understanding The Transactional, Legal & Policy Issuesby Dr. Ayodele Oni (₦35,000)


  1. Understanding Petroleum (Oil & Gas) Transactions and the Nigerian Market(₦50,000)


  1. A – Z Of Sports Law(₦2,500) by Olisa Agbakoba Legal


  1. A Force of Justice (A collection of law articles published in honour of Hon. Justice Oguntade JSC Rtd)(₦25,000)


  1. Babalola’s Law Dictionary Of Judicially Defined Words And Phrases  (2nd Edition)by Olumide Babalola  (₦5,000)


  1. Casebook On Data Protectionby Olumide Babalola (₦20,000)


  1. Casebook On Human Rights Litigation In Nigeriaby Frank Agbedo (₦20,000)


  1. Dark Hearts (Hard Cover)by Layi Babatunde SAN (₦4,500)


  1. Human Rights Litigation In Nigeria: Law, Practice And Procedureby Frank Agbedo (₦8,000)


  1. International Arbitration Law And Practice: The Practitioners Perspectiveby Tolu Aderemi (₦10,000)


  1. Journal Of Current Law And Arbitration Practice (Vol 1, No.2) (₦5,000)


  1. New Developments In Law And Practice In Nigeria(Essays In Honour Of Dele Adesina SAN) (₦20,000)


  1. Rights Of Suspects And Accused Persons Under Nigerian Criminal Lawby Frank Agbedo (₦6000)


  1. Social Media For Lawyersby Adedunmade Onibokun (₦2,500)


  1. The Employment Law Handbookby Jamiu Akolade (₦15,000)


  1. Entertainment Law in Nigeria (N25,000)


  1. The Lawyers companion by Layi Babatunde SAN (N15,000)


  1. A Hand Book Of Criminal Law And Procedure Through Cases (Hard Cover) by Layi Babatunde SAN (₦10000)


  1. Hints On Land Documentation And Litigation In Nigeria (Paper Back) by Layi Babatunde SAN (₦9000)


  1. Principles Of Clinical Ethics And Their Legal Dimensions In Nigeria (Paper Back) by Layi Babatunde SAN (₦5000)


Please note you can order any of the afore listed publications for local or international delivery through any of the following ways;

  1. Visit the online bookstore on www.
  2. Make a direct order by contacting a Sales Representative


Ccontact us via email on, or via 09029755663. As service providers to lawyers and law firms, we adhere to the strictest rules of professionalism and ethical conduct.

We look forward to helping you build your legal practice, equip your law library and achieving success.


Thank you.

Legalnaija Team

Order Now: The Nigerian Electricity Market; Understanding The Transactional, Legal & Policy Issues

Order Now: The Nigerian Electricity Market; Understanding The Transactional, Legal & Policy Issues

Author: Dr. Ayodele Oni

Order link: HERE


The book aims at giving industry participants all the necessary negotiating tools as they engage in the complexities within the power sector in Nigeria. The books discusses licenses, agreements, and regulations that operate within the power industry space. I also covers issues on due diligence exercises, acquisitions how to, transactional and legal issues in acquisitions.

The book details practical insights from my over fifteen (15) years, advising on both big ticket and smaller cap transactions. The book also highlights my experience advising Development Financial Institutions (including the World Bank), other financiers, Regulators, Project Promoters, State Governments and investors. Further, it covers key practical issues on conducting due diligence exercises and writing related reports which, together, form a germane part of any significant acquisition or divestment transaction.


The book also covers transactional and regulatory issues in acquisitions. Further, it reviews financing methods for the power sector and analyzes issues such as sovereign immunity and highlights issues in the Azura independent power project. Additionally, the book reviews issues related to the most recent rules, regulations and policies connected with the electric power sector. Some of these are service reflectivity, remittance obligations, sub-franchising, capped invoicing and billing, new payment methods and the roles played by the Central Bank of Nigeria, to improve liquidity in the sector.

Disputes are a part of any economic activity, especially where same is undergoing reforms. It does, then make sense to plan for and resolve same timeously, fairly and efficiently, as efficient and fair dispute resolution is key to investors and in this regard, the book takes a look at how to plan for and resolve energy sector disputes and thoroughly analyzes Bilateral Investment Treaties and Section 26 of the NIPC Act & 12 of the Constitution. With concerns around municipal dispute resolution mechanisms and insufficient confidence in Nigerian courts, the book reviews international law principles and concepts such as the umbrella clause in dispute management and how to internationalize power sector related contracts/ documentation and transactions. This is especially where it involves international investors.

For the lawyer, negotiator, commercial person or advisor, the book covers several practical and other issues they would find useful in practice, negotiations and transactions. The electric power sector being a regulated one, the book highlights the legal and regulatory regime. There is also, indeed, a chapter that provides insights on negotiating and or reviewing and drafting power sector transactional documents. As mentioned above, the book covers the latest developments in law and policy relating to electricity. Importantly, the book analyzes the use of new technology, especially blockchain, in the electric power sector, especially as regards billing and electricity trading and reviews the retrofitting required in the electricity market arrangement in Nigeria, for blockchain to work. Furthermore, for the discerning business person, the book gives an insight into the business opportunities in the power sector and how to take advantage and or invest by providing an investors’ guide. Finally, the book provides practical insights to policy makers, the regulators, researchers and students, on how to improve the different segments of the electric power sector.

Place your order Here.

Order Now: Understanding Petroleum (Oil & Gas) Transactions and the Nigerian Market

Order Now: Understanding Petroleum (Oil & Gas) Transactions and the Nigerian Market

This book is founded, largely, upon the author’s over fifteen (15) years of experience, advising on both big ticket and smaller cap deals in the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry in Nigeria has been busy in the last two (2) decades, especially with the advent of democratic rule in the year 1999 which substantially improved investor confidence. Between the year 1999 and now, a number of the international oil companies, such as shell petroleum development company and Chevron, have divested some of their interests, particularly in onshore acreages. Many of the new owners of these acreages are local juniors who are now in joint venture with national oil company of Nigeria- Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (“NNPC”), under a new construct- Asset Management Teams. There have also been marginal fields bid rounds, last of which took place in the year 2020. Luckily, the author of this book has actively advised on different aspects of the above-mentioned divestment and marginal fields transactions. He has, thus, highlighted in this book, some of the key issues and take-aways from those.

The last twenty (20) years have also ushered in changes, in the oil and gas industry with new policies such as those related to local content and domestic gas supply obligations. The predominant structure of financing by NNPC has changed to the forward sale type financing structure, first utilized in the financing of the Oso Condensate Project and since then there have been other significant financing modes including NNPC/Chevron Project Cheetah and the big ticket Ajaokuta Kaduna Kano Pipeline Project. Luckily, the author has been involved in many of these financings and has had first-hand experience advising either the NNPC or its counterparty on issues such as the World Bank Negative Pledge, federation account, waiver of sovereign immunity and the controversies surrounding same.

For a long time too, there have been discussions around changing the legal and regulatory regime of the oil and gas industry, from the Petroleum Act which is a 1969 legislation, to another, via the introduction of the Petroleum Industry Bill (the “PIB”) nearly fifteen (15) years ago. This book highlights some key provisions of the latest version of the PIB. Further, the book contains a thorough analysis of transactional issues such as the why and how of due diligence exercises and reports. Due diligence exercises and reports are very important aspect of any significant transaction. Hence, this book, being one that traverses transactional issues, does a great job by providing insights into the topic of due diligence, from a more practical, than theoretical, point of view. It also highlights the latest legal and regulatory developments, such as the newly issued Nigerian Gas Transportation Network Code, which the author also played a meaningful role in bringing to life. Other recent changes highlighted include the enactment of the Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contracts (Amendment) Act which changes the fiscal regime of Production Sharing Contracts and the Finance Act, which now makes dividends payable by upstream companies subject to taxation with the repeal of section 6 of the Petroleum Profits Tax Act.  Regarding financing, a creative mode of financing was also developed for the financing of Nigerian LNG Train-7. This book does highlight that creative financing mode.

Apart from the foregoing, the book analyses host government contracts, transactional and regulatory issues in upstream acquisition-type deals, takes a comprehensive look at the downstream petroleum sector and highlights the issues, looks at the marginal fields regime and practical issues faced by the holders of marginal fields. The book also takes a critical look at refineries and refining and looks at the role of modular refineries and why modular refineries may not necessarily improve the availability of premium motor spirit/ gasoline, colloquially referred to as ‘petrol’.

The book recognizes that, as far the oil and gas sector is concerned, foreign investors will always play a role and consequently looks at how to give such investors comfort that they are able to go to international arbitration or in some cases, rely on bilateral investment treaties, their home countries may have signed with Nigeria. It is, in fact, not just the case that they can go to international arbitration, arbitral awards are enforceable in Nigeria and this is crucial because as Frank Alexander, an international energy law veteran, put it succinctly, “enforceable international arbitration is one of the pillars of the three pillars of security of investment under PSCs and other host government contracts”. Finally, the book looks at energy transition, especially from a Nigerian perspective.

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Author: Oluwatobi Adetona Esq.
Description: Although you might not know it, the law affects every area of your lives. Incidentally, ignorance of the law is not an excuse and knowledge of the law is therefore a necessity. You ask; how does the knowledge of the law aid me, my career, relationship, family, business and everything I do?
The answer is simple! Law cuts across all spheres of human endeavours. Hence, Law for the Layman is a book aimed at promoting legal literacy in Nigeria by bridging the gap between YOU and the LAW using the simplest language easy for comprehension in an entertaining style coupled with interesting cases and first-hand experiences from the lens of a legal practitioner.
What you seek to gain from Law For The Layman
1.  It will enhance your body of legal knowledge as you will become aware of relevant legal principles.
2. It will guide your subsequent transactions, dealings and how to react in various circumstances.
3. It will give you the courage to seek remedies for wrongs done.
4. The cases will enable you see how the court works, how evidence is adduced and certain legal principles of law.
5. You get the opportunity to know the major and key highlight of recent laws passed in Nigeria and policies.
6. A lot of insights will also be gleaned from popular questions asked by people and the responses to those questions.
7. You also get the opportunity to educate those around you.
Order Now: Metamorphosis: Tales By A Lawyer Girl

Order Now: Metamorphosis: Tales By A Lawyer Girl

Title: Metamorphosis: Tales By A Lawyer Girl


This book is a fascinating and entertaining book, one that exposes the challenges of young professionals, in this case a young lawyer and her drive for success.

Genre: Fiction

Cost: N2800


Fresh out of law school, Tolani Balogun hurdles through a job search until she finally settles down at The Grey Wing Practice. Life becomes a maze as a commercial lawyer, with fierce expectations amidst the seeming camaraderie at the firm. She soon admits that having a global exposure as a lawyer qualifies THE WHO IS WHO in the black and white community. Meanwhile new wigs jostle for fair workplace terms but reality soon hits her when Naomi like Dozie get better recognition at work. She figures out that having career goals are critical and a good alternative to reinvent herself while staying relevant but the reality is that you either play big, adapt, settle for less or go home. Despite these challenges, her love for the art finds some level of nexus with her career and she takes advantage, perhaps it would secure a fair playing space in the black and white community but that it comes with disappointments, losses and other times discoveries.

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