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The Legalnaija ODR platform helps you to resolve commercial disputes by allowing you to discuss the best solution to your problem directly with another party, or through the help of an ADR expert appointed by both parties.


How it works

What is ODR?
Online dispute resolution (ODR) is a form of dispute resolution which uses technology to facilitate the resolution of disputes between parties.


Create an account, fill in a complaint form, and submit a request to talk directly with the other party(ies).


Legalnaija will notify the other party of your request by sending a notification via email to the other party (the Respondent) so they can respond.


Respondents in order to respond will also need to create an account and enter their response details.


Each party can upload files to the platform in proof of their claims.


If the other party does not engage with the process within 7 days, the case will be closed 


If the other party is willing to talk, you will be able to exchange messages directly through the ODR dashboard.


You have 14 days to reach an agreement through direct talks. 


If parties are unable to resolve the dispute directly, either party can suggest the use of an ADR expert and parties can select an expert from the list of ADR experts provided. 


If a settlement is reached, parties can enter a settlement form which will contain the terms of their Agreement and can be electronically signed by both parties before downloading. 


If parties are unable to resolve the dispute via ADR, parties can decide to consult a lawyer to discuss other available options of dispute resolution. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of disputes can be settled on the Legalnaija ODR Platform?

You can settle commercial disputes on the Legalnaija ODR Platform. 

Does Legalnaija charge a fee?

Yes, Legalnaija has a schedule of fees for disputes resolved on the Platform and also a fee for the services of a Neutral Party to help parties reach an agreement. 

Is the Agreement enforceable in Court?

Parties can agree that the terms of their Mediation be entered as Judgment of a court. This will require the services of a lawyer.

Will the details of my matter be private?

Yes, all details of the disputes are confidential and will not be shared with any other party. 

How are the ADR experts selected?

Our ADR experts are selected from practitioners who have undergone the necessary ADR training from recognized accrediting institutions.

Who is a Mediator/Neutral?

A Mediator/ Neutral is a 3rd party who guides the disputing parties in reaching an agreement.

What is the role of the Mediator/Neutral?

The role of the Mediator/Neutral is to assist parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution to their dispute. It is not the duty of the Mediator/Neutral to impose its decision on the parties.

Is the Mediator/Neutral a Judge?

No, the Mediator/Neutral is not a Judge in the common law sense of the word.

What are the advantages of ODR?

Saves time and money

Can I compel another party to attend the ODR sessions?

No. The Legalnaija ODR platform is a voluntary procedure and no parties can be compelled to participate in the proceedings.

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