Litigation is the legal process of resolving disputes through the court system governs the way things are done in practice, the court be it Civil or Criminal cases. If you desire to perfect your skill in litigation (be it Civil or Criminal),these books are essential resources for litigation lawyers, helping them navigate the complex legal landscape and effectively represent their clients in court.  Here are 10 books available on Legalnaija you should add to your law library.

  1. Criminal Evidence in Nigeria by Jide Bodede: The book contains twelve chapters. Chapter one on the admissibility of evidence deals with the nature of evidence which can prove the existence or non-existence of facts including hearsay and improperly obtained evidence. Chapter two on the burden of proof deals with the responsibility to produce evidence to prove facts. Chapter three on witnesses and chapter four on the corroboration of witnesses both deal with the persons who can present evidence, the restrictions on the presentation of evidence. Chapter five, deals with the trial rights of defendants and the defence alternatives. Chapter six, deals with the exclusion of confessions on the grounds of oppression or unreliablity. Chapter seven is about the admissibility of evidence of visual identification and identification parades. See the book here

  1. Trial within Trial in Criminal Proceedings by Ekemini UdimTrial within trial is a mini trial within the context of the main trial. It is a procedure in criminal law wherein the confessional statement of an accused person is subjected to trial scrutiny so as to determine whether the statement was freely and voluntarily made by the accused person to the police. In the words of Honourable Justice Centus Nweze of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the raison d’être of the evolution of the mini trial procedure is to arm the trial court with a procedural mechanism for sifting the chaff of involuntary and inadmissible evidence from the wheat of admissible evidence. See the book here


  1. Practical Approach to Cross Examination by Ekemini Udim:The Book demystifies cross- examination and places in the hands of every trail advocate the basis but necessary tools for attainment of effective cross examination. See the book here


  1. A Hand Book Of Criminal Law And Procedure Through Cases: This handbook which is in its 2nd edition covers a wide range of important issues in criminal law, including approaches, methods and models, general principles, specific offenses. This edition captures recent developments in the law as evidenced by decisions of the Superior Courts, particularly the Apex court. The subject areas have also been expanded, while their classification now makes for easier reading and quicker reference as occasion demands. A very easy to use subject matter index forms an important component of the book making referencing a lot easier. Have a look at the book here;


  1. A Force of Justice (A book in honour of Hon. Justice Oguntade):This book was published in honour of Hon. Justice Oguntade JSC (RTD) in 2010. It focuses on some of the landmark cases where Justice Oguntade either delivered the leading judgment or a dissenting judgment subjecting them to critical review and comprehensive assessment in well-articulated and researched essays by the contributors. Contributors include over 24 Senior Advocates and other distinguished Legal Practitioners and Professors, including; Professor Yemi Osibajo SAN, Professor Taiwo Osipitan SAN, Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN, Kola Awodein SAN, Professor Oyelowo Oyewo SAN, Dr. Alex Iziyon SAN, Chief Bolaji Ayorinde SAN, Kemi Pinheiro SAN, Tayo Oyetibo SAN, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN, Professor Ayo Atsenuwa, Dr Olisa Agbakoba SAN. Etc. See the book here


  1. Casebook On Evidence Law :Casebook on Evidence Law by Olusegun Yerokun. See the book here

  1. Human Rights Litigation In Nigeria: Law, Practice And Procedure: This book is written by Mr. Frank Agbedo, one of Nigeria’s leading authors in human rights literature and jurisprudence.

Principal features of the book include but are not limited to the ABC of human rights litigation, an in depth analysis of the new FREP Rules 2009, A review of judicial attitude to enforcement of Fundamental Rights Cases, Prosecuting Appeals in Fundamental Rights Cases, The status of public interest litigation in Nigerian Courts, The Role of Amici Curae in human rights litigation, the justiciability or judicialisation of socio-economic rights in Nigerian Courts and the future of human rights litigation. The book also features a comprehensive package of practice forms and precedents relating to practical applications for enforcement of fundamental rights, as well as a comprehensive index of cases and relevant statutes.Practice forms and precedents. The book is almost a ready answer to all issues and matters relating to preparation, initiation, filing and prosecution of fundamental right cases in Nigerian Courts. The book is comprehensive enough to the cover of the field of human right law, practice and procedure and which could be better described as a One-Stop-Shop in human rights litigation. See the book here

  1. Civil And Criminal Litigation In Nigeria:A Practical guide for Civil and Criminal Litigation Lawyers. See the book here


  1. Civil Litigation in Nigeria:This is the 3rd Edition of the book “Civil Litigation in Nigeria”, published in 2020, and co-written by M.M Stanley – Idum (Mrs) and J. A Agaba PH.D. See the book here


  1. Law of Evidence in Nigeria: This book is expansive in scope, covering a wide range of issues relevant for a proper understanding of the law relating to the Law of Evidence in Nigeria. It evinces the author’s industry, hard work and diligence. It also advertises his redoubtable scholarship. It is fascinating both for its insightful acuity and fecundity of his writing style. His prose is arresting just as the breadth and diversity of the issues on the Law of Evidence is breath taking. See the book here