” This is a problem that is perhaps bigger than most people can see or even understand. It does appear that the Executive, mostly at the center is prone to having its way in courts all d time & brook no failure, no matter how misconceived or misguided its way might b. In the processes subtle and not-so-subtle processes are deployed in corralling the Bench and ensuring the Executice has its ways always.

First thing to do is to sensitize the Bar (and the Bench, indeed) and let us understand the dangers we face and how the Rule of Law, if we r not careful and vigilant, could b completely eroded and undermined. It would b necessary to engage the Bench in particular and bring to the attention of the jurists the dangers we all face if the excesses of the Executive are not checked and to remind them, members of the Bench, that they may someday fall victim if these excesses are not checked.

The voice of the NBA must also b heard quite stridently and clear and at all times, in defense of the Rule of Law and whenever there’s any threat thereto.”