There once was a silk

Who lived and still lives

Educated and learned

Refined and polished

All who knew him

Said he was wise

If not, they asked:

“Why was his hair white?”

The snowest of white

Like a baby lamb

Even Soyinka wondered whether he dyed

No, this was a sage, a god amongst men

A man of learning

A man who read

Letters and words, his butter and bread

In the courtroom he was, respected and feared

To go against him, men would dread

Defeat was sure, for those who dared

Alas, like all men, a weakness he had

That is Egusi, his love of which

Has given him now, a dishonourable badge.

Egusi, egusi, egusi

Who doesn’t love egusi?

Tell me, who doesn’t love egusi?

The sight of her

The aroma and taste of her

Egusi, fine fine egusi

Ah egusi, the tribeless one

The sweetest one

The one who has men licking their lips and fingers

And always asking for more

Ah egusi, the dangerous mistress

The one who satisfies but leaves men blotted and

Courtship and Consummation

Silk always knew egusi

Always admired her

Coveted and chased her

Adored and worshipped her

But silk knew she was bad

She was bad for him

For she had a reputation of soiling great men

A reputation of dirtying the cleanest of men

A reputation of staining great reputations

Once she leaves her mark on you

It is seen

And no amount of omo can wipe it clean

Yet silk pursued her like a madman in heat

For the taste of her overpowered his wit

He forgot his brief and all his ethics

And forged ahead

For deadly meat

Like a warrior in the battlefield

He fought and killed

All in the bid for sweet egusi’s lips

Silk conquered and got his wish

Egusi was his, fait accompli

After the deed, silk was soiled

So he changed his robes into another of course

But egusi’s stain was like a hole

You can fix it

But it will always show that it was once a hole

So Silk went about dressed in his new robes

Confident his egusi tale will never be told

Till the Eagle came with its probes

And learned silk needed a silk to hold

Questions were asked, fingers were pointed

Defences crumbled, evidences amounted

Judgement was given, and it went like this:

Egusi is sweet, it is sweet indeed; but you
silk, are now a convict, case dismissed.




I have no pity for silk

For silk was aware when he made his choice

For silk was under no duress

Of body nor of mind

For silk was seized of his actions

Just like his brief

The consequences

Just like a thief

No, silk deserves no pity

Only scorn and reproach

Leave pity aside

His actions, we can’t condone

Silk made his bed

On it he shall lie

Silk soiled himself

In it he shall lie.

I remain a Minister in the Temple of Justice.

L. Attoh Esq.

© 2018 Lotanna Attoh. All Rights Reserved. Photo: