As the biennial election of the Nigerian Bar Association draws near, it is of utmost importance for Lawyers to make a meaningful choice among Contenders for the various Offices of the Association. The Legal profession in Nigeria has come of age and the current Nigerian socio-political dynamics require greater enthusiasm from potential Leaders. We need a Leader in hot pursuit of perfection, swiftness and light in the dark tunnels of the Nigeria Judicial System.
A Leader with sufficient knowledge with proven accomplishments that can give luster to the Legal profession. The Bar Association at this period in time must be capable of shunning every shade of corrupt influences which by itself is the paramount spring of prodigalities and social disorder.
There must be a renewed vigour at placing Justice at the door step of the Nigerian masses. Wisdom to manage and improve upon the socio-economic well being of Lawyers and restore the pride of place hitherto enjoyed by the Legal profession in the days of yore.
At a time when Lawyers carry the aura of distinction, knowledge and honour devoid of sharp practices or the shenanigans of the greedy few ready to pander to dictates of political demagogues and by so doing compromise the place of honour and integrity; thereby giving obscurity to rules of interpretation and awkward exposition of the Law if only to attract the lucre from the filthy political class and thereby exacerbating the contradictions in the Nigerian political system.
The time has also come to look deeply into the modalities of embracing technology  or better put systematic adaptation of modern technology in the practice of Law and Justice delivery system, short of which one is afraid, that the present energies will decay. A time has therefore come to brace up with the reality that there is patent lethargy in Judicial System.
The earlier we realize that nothing progresses if it is resting on the original plan; the better for the Legal profession. In the face of inadequacies and need for progression highlighted above is the quality of the Bar Leadership particular the Presidency.
For this assignment, we need not beam our search light too far. DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) has the pedigree. Aside from deep knowledge of the Law, intellectual acumen, honesty and tenacity of purpose; DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) has unparalleled ability at social engineering. All his God-given qualities he has deployed in the service of the Nigerian Bar Association in the past. Dating from his tenure as the Chairman of Ikeja Branch to his exemplary service as the General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association between 2002 and 2004.
Apparently DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) is no neophyte in Nigerian Bar Association Politics nor an upstart. The candidature of DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) is salutary.
He has been very consistent and purposeful in his quest for leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association. Since 2008 when he made a debut into becoming the President of the Nigerian Bar Association. He kept tab on his rich manifesto believing that there is something definitely absurd with the past giving the present challenges of mankind.
In 2014, DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) was a Candidate for the Presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association, well accepted and loved by the body of Lawyers across the Country. He worked assiduously criss-crossing the length and breadth of Nigeria with the view to selling the best of his ideas to the Nigerian Lawyers. Although he lost the election that year to AUGUSTINE ALEGEH (S.A.N) he remained his indomitable self. He could neither divide himself from any man upon differences of opinion or conception of ideas nor a judgement that does not agree with his thoughts. He warmed up to all and sundry and accepted the outcome of elections with the equanimity of a priest. DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) has been un-relenting in his services to the Nigerian Bar Association even in the face of past electoral failure. His impact has been dominant at every Conference of the Bar Association and his willingness to support and serve every other Executive has been un-paralled. Little wonder his fellow Silk and a personality of by no mean stature; FEMI FALANA (S.A.N) described DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) as the ENCYCLOPEDIA of the Nigerian Bar Association. Well said, it captured vividly the stuff with which DELE ADESINA is made. One cannot agree less.
What could be more encouraging than having a wise man in the house whose knowledge of the Law and the Bar Association is like waters descending from above, springing from beneath by reason of a rich antecedent and also inspired by divine revelations.
In all ramifications DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) can never be the blind man in a dark room looking for a black hat in his desire to lead the Bar. He has committed quality time into mapping out a road to progress for the crop of present generation of Lawyers and a brighter future for aspiring ones.
My take is that we should eschew primordial sentiments, give merit a chance and be less contented with the status quo and elect a man with perfect vision to lead the Bar. This golden opportunity should never slip by in the corporate interest of the Bar and the Nigerian Judicial System.
I see greater challenges ahead of the Bar leadership in the recent signing into Law of the Executive Order 10 of 2020 by the Presidency. Quite salutary as it has been the long quest for conformity with the Constitutional requirement of Separation of Powers between Executive, Legislature and the Judicial arms of Government.
Even at that, a strong and un-compromising Bar leadership would be the watch dog of the Judiciary. Implementation at State level and the need to ensure accountability and judicious management of resources by the State Judiciary should be the primary concern of the Nigerian Bar Association. The Bar must at all times hold the person in authority accountable to all and sundry.
Ideas must flow from the Bar to the Bench from time to time and it is common knowledge that it takes the man of letters; a man of acute knowledge, inquisitive and dexterous character and a man that would be prompt in attack and ready in defence to make a meaningful impact. All these qualities rolled together you find in DELE ADESINA (S.A.N).
Together we can make history by placing a round peg into a round hole. DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) is by every standard a quintessential Bar man that cannot be side stepped in the scheme of things. He has a proven dexterity in stirring the ship of the Bar to an enviable destination. Selfless all together and ready to give all in an un-compromising service to the Nigerian Bar Association. With him, I see a brighter future for the Legal profession.
Otunba Olumide Akinbinu
Two-Terms Chairman
Nigerian Bar Association
Ota Branch