Quote from Dele Adesina SAN interview on DNL Legal & Style, Dec 11, 2019
“What is important in all these is the need for one to have a clear vision of what he wants to be in life and then how you want to get there. When it gets to living a purpose driven life, there should be no game of chance.
That is what I say to my junior members of the Bar like a song, either during our Friday meetings in the office or anytime I have the opportunity to speak at any young Lawyers’ forum. Most of the times, I used to tell them my personal story because I believe that “the secret of men is in their stories.”
The idea is not to blow any body’s trumpet. No. The idea is to let them know that if people like us can succeed with commitment and determination to the course that we believe in, you too can succeed even much faster than we did if you take the same step of single minded pursuit of your identified vision with all passion believing that your life depends on it.”
Dele Adesina SAN
DNL Legal & Style
Dec 11, 2019
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