The Senator representing Lagos East in the
Senate, Senator Gbenga Ashafa has through a press statement he released via his
social media feeds decried the rising incidents of jungle justice in the
Ikorodu area of Lagos East Senatorial District.

News of reported incidents of lynching and
in some cases outright killing of suspected members of the Badoo Cult group,
terrorizing the community hit the airwaves in the past few days. With some of
the victims identified as innocent law abiding members of the society.
In the statement, Senator Gbenga Ashafa
commended the people of Ikorodu for saying no to the existence of the group
within their community. In his words, “I must I commend the resilience of the
Ikorodu people who have unequivocally said NO to the presence of such a
nefarious group within the Ikorodu community. Also, I commend the efforts of
the Government of Lagos State ably led by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, in
conjunction with Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, various vigilante groups
including the Oodua Peoples Congress and the Onyabo who have mobilized with the
police to flush out, neutralize and prosecute as many of such criminals as
exist within the Ikorodu environment.”
Ashafa however condemned the incidents of
jungle justice, stating that, “Unfortunately, I have also received the news
that in the process of resisting the members of the Badoo Cult group, the
residents of Ikorodu have taken the laws into their hands and resorted to
jungle justice. In some instances as reported, people have been arrested and
lynched to the extent of being burnt to death. This is absolutely unacceptable;
it is against the tenets of humanity and justce.”
He concluded by urging the people of
tIkorodu and its environs to remain law abiding wile staying vigilant and alert
in the face of rising insecurity, stating that “As the people of Lagos East, we
must continue to be civil and law abiding in all we do. While our disposition
in the face of rising insecurity must be that of vigilance and alertness, I
strongly believe that we must channel all our suspicions through the
appropriate channels for arrest, rather than taking the laws into our hands.”
“Lagos East boasts of the most noble,
enlightened, industrious, intellectually advanced and law abiding people. We
cannot in 2017 allow ourselves to be returned to the primitive days of jungle
justice because most often than not mob actions result in wrongful punishment
for innocent citizens like you and I.