The politics of NBA has recently taken a new dimension and this made me share my opinion on why we need no other person than Dele Adesina SAN

As a young lawyer, I have always agitated for a vibrant leader for the Bar and that made me join in canvasing for a particular candidate from the onset for a brighter bar, little did I know that I am about selling my conscience for *Semo*.

At first, I thought it was a Palliative, but on a deeper thought, I wondered what Palliative to lawyers will come in form of Semo and Rice few weeks to the election. I have to sit down and think deeply and I begin to re-examine all the presidential candidates in this election.

I am a member of different presidential candidates platforms, I observed that while some are ready to offer nothing but Semo and Rice, another candidate is not sharing anything but enjoys large followership.

I took interest in one candidate who didn’t share anything and still pulling crowd. Therefore, I thought and asked myself who is DASAN and why is he gaining this unprecedented followership?

I came to find out that DASAN is not interested in money/Amala Politics but for a secured bar with brighter future for the young lawyers. If the Bar has not been restructured by Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN led Executive having Dele Adesina SAN as the Chief Scribe then, the Bar would probably have been reduced to nothing today, but thank God for using the administration to institute several good policies that have become permanent structures in NBA till today.

I look at his experience, profile and protests he has led in the past to agitate for the promotion of Rule of Law and against inhuman treatment of lawyers and other citizens, I therefore had no choice than to run away from where they offer nothing other than sharing of Semo and Rice.

The question that readily comes to mind is what are we turning ourselves to? Should Pandemic turn some of us (lawyers) to beggars? My answer is No, but we should stand firmly with a candidate who with or without pandemic we can assess him and come to a honourable decision without being cajoled with Rice and Semo. We are not secular politicians.

I didn’t regret joining any group before. I am only convinced about candidacy of DASAN having reviewed the developments around me, more importantly, the fact that all our leading lights in the profession in Ilorin are with DASAN. This helped me a long way in realising that DASAN truly is a candidate that is good for the Bar.

I am now an official supporter of Dele Adesina SAN and I am officially saying bye to a candidate who does not meant good for the betterment of the bar

I must state emphatically that I don’t have control over anyone’s conscience, but I think giving Dele Adesina SAN the support he needs will make the future of the Bar secured and greater.

Mujaid Oloyede BALOGUN Esq.
Ilorin Bar.