Title: Metamorphosis: Tales By A Lawyer Girl


This book is a fascinating and entertaining book, one that exposes the challenges of young professionals, in this case a young lawyer and her drive for success.

Genre: Fiction

Cost: N2800


Fresh out of law school, Tolani Balogun hurdles through a job search until she finally settles down at The Grey Wing Practice. Life becomes a maze as a commercial lawyer, with fierce expectations amidst the seeming camaraderie at the firm. She soon admits that having a global exposure as a lawyer qualifies THE WHO IS WHO in the black and white community. Meanwhile new wigs jostle for fair workplace terms but reality soon hits her when Naomi like Dozie get better recognition at work. She figures out that having career goals are critical and a good alternative to reinvent herself while staying relevant but the reality is that you either play big, adapt, settle for less or go home. Despite these challenges, her love for the art finds some level of nexus with her career and she takes advantage, perhaps it would secure a fair playing space in the black and white community but that it comes with disappointments, losses and other times discoveries.

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