As a lawyer, receiving phone calls about a
client in police custody is not the sort of welcoming news I like to hear, in
fact its bad market. What happened to the Fortune 500 companies, Oil & Gas
Firms and Multi-Nationals? Why don’t those Clients call my phone! Now, I am
getting calls that Baba Fine-face has been arrested by the Police for staging a
protest against the government. Na me send am? However, after listening to the
way the poor man was man-handled by security agents, his clothes torn, phones
seized and his left eye partially closed from a swollen face, who am I not to
come to my brother’s aid.  

I am not surprised though as this is not
his first time. Baba Fineface is a member of the Native Leadership Congress and
a staunch believer in the doctrines of equality, fairness and justice. This
time, his protest was against the State Governor for the State’s inability to
pay the salaries of workers. For 7 months, state workers had been forced to beg
just to survive. Many children had been withdrawn from schools for the inability
of their parents to pay school fees and the frustration in many homes was about
to erupt like a giant Volcano. The Country’s Misery Index was now above 50% and
the foreign exchange rates have successfully crippled many businesses. Who
would blame Baba Fineface.
It’s always unsettling for a Lawyer
visiting a Police Station, maybe it’s because of the mutual hatred between the
Police and Lawyers. While the Police are used to having their way with
un-learned members of the society, it is only the Lawyer that can rightfully
defend his position confidently. I once heard a Policeman say “Chai, this country
don spoil, why would a lawyer have the temerity to talk when being addressed by
a Policeman”, the Policeman had been responding to my debate with his colleague
over the guilt of my client.  So now you
understand why though the Policeman and the Lawyer are both ministers in the
Temple of Justice, it is very difficult for us to get along. And right now,
sitting in the DPO’s office, it’s not difficult to feel the tension in the air.
It is the Officer’s position that my client
organized an unlawful protest by not seeking a Police permit before carrying
out such and when he was directed to turn back with his cohorts, they refused,
so the officers on riot – duty had to teach my client a lesson. I notice his
demeanour while saying the words “teach my client a lesson”, you would have
thought he was referring to just a mere cautionary warning and not four
police officers beating an unarmed man with batons and the soles of their boots.
I on the other hand am of the opinion that my client was unlawfully assaulted
and arrested because he did not cause any public outburst of violence and the
law is trite as decided by the Supreme Court that no one needs a police permit
before carrying out a peaceful protest and such person may only inform the Police
for the sake of providing security. Furthermore, Sections 39 and 40 of the
Constitution guarantees my client’s right to freedom of expression and to
assemble and associate freely. It takes threatening to sue the Police for
breach of my client’s Rights before he is released on bail with no apology but
a warning not to organize such protests again. Chai, the sacrifices some people
have made for this country, only God can reward them. In a country where there
is Rule of Law, a Policeman will be breaching the rights of citizens with
impunity, chai this country has spoilt.
“Ah, D-Law, this country has showed me
pepper”, Baba Fineface begins. “See how these policemen beat me like thief today,
just because say we want better country for ourselves and our pickin, wetin I do
now and nobody go fight for me”. You no wan go court? I respond. “D-Law, no
even talk that one, who court don epp na, I go go court now, spend 5 years
before judgment commot before we come begin appeal again. I beg who wan dey go
court every day na for 5 years, u fit go now make them say court no sit, e don
taya person o”.   Baba Fineface is just glad to be out of the
ordeal and wishes only to return home for a good night rest after vising the
hospital for a checkup. We both discuss my fee and he agrees to pay the
following morning before I in-turn start driving in the direction of my Office.
However, I continue to ponder on Baba
Fineface and his ordeal. I believe it is safe to say there is a huge disconnect
between the Government and the governed in this Country. This also has led to
distrust on the part of the people towards Government and political office
holders. The resulting effect is what I would liken to a No-Win situation for
everyone. While most persons believe political office holders are in government
to line their pockets with the best part of the Nation’s collective wealth,
political office holders on the other hand seem to be overwhelmed by the
growing demands of the people for a better standard of living and accountable
So why won’t people like Baba Fineface take
to the streets in protest? How do we find a solution to this problem? We engage
constructively I believe. The need for proper engagement with all tiers of
government cannot be overstated. The advantages are too numerous to count and
the benefits are too enormous for us to overlook. Protests and rallies half the
time fail to generate results only attention. But na person wey don chop fit
engage o, I quickly tell myself.
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PLESE NOTE: This is a work of
fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the
author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events
or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.