About a week ago, i mentioned my upcoming big announcement and i am glad to announce its almost time to raise the curtain.

Though I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet, i am excited to let you know that this one is for my Learned Friends.

My passion for the work we do via the Legalnaija Blawg like i mentioned put me in a unique position. I wasn’t only proving value to our readers but i was getting value in return as well.

I have shared platforms with eminent personalities like Celebrities, Politicians, Statesmen, Senior Advocates and VIPs. I even got to shake hands with HRH, the Prince of Wales, while connecting with new clients every other day.

I want all my Learned Friends to have similar opportunities and experience such value. If you want to be part of this special group of people, ANTICIPATE and WATCH THIS SPACE.

It’s time to for you to WIN BIG and If you desire to be ahead of others, follow this link and let’s have your email address. I can assure you that your legal practice will be better for it.


Yours truly,