Legal Expert, Paul Usoro who was in Maiduguri yesterday, charged Stakeholders and the general public to show their support for the Internally Displaced Persons.  

In a statement posted on his social media platform, he said that his visit to Maiduguri has given him an opportunity to reflect on the damage that caused by the unrest in the North East. He urged the general public to remember the plight of the affected people and lend a helping hand.
HIs statement below,
The importance of peace and stability is oftentimes taken for granted until it is disrupted. My visit to Maiduguri on 21 February 2018 for the Law Week of the Nigerian Bar Association, Borno State offered me an opportunity to reflect together with colleagues on the collateral damages that have been caused by the unrest in the North East for a number of years. I was and remain happy to learn that the Maiduguri Bar thought it fit and proper to schedule a visit by its teeming members to the IDP Camp in Maiduguri. Such visit is bound to give hope to the hopeless and encourage some of our brothers and sisters who hitherto lived in the peace and comfort of their homes but suddenly find themselves having to take succour in shelters due to no fault of theirs. I congratulate the Maiduguri Bar for this heroic initiative.  
The plight of the IDPs call for a deeper reflection by all of us Nigerians and not the least, all of us Lawyers about the state of our dear country, Nigeria. First, the importance of peace cannot be overemphasized so all of us lawyers must learn to preach and live in peace anywhere we find ourselves. We must also in living up to our status as social engineers advise governments across boards on the need to have peace-promoting legislations. Again, we as lawyers cannot shy away from the needs of the IDP Camps and that means we must all to the extent of our capabilities, no matter how little, learn to render our help to our brothers and sisters in need. Remember, kindness to one is kindness to all. 
We must of necessity remember the plight of the young ones who are the most affected by the present situation as their future needs to be secured and assured by constantly reaching out to them so as to prevent the despair of the present from leading them into vices that are associated with exploitation of the vulnerable and thereby robbing them of the joy of the years to come. These little ones need our support as best as we can offer and I urge us all to see them as our common responsibility