From the 1st 
to 5th of December, 2015, the Lagos State High Court will be having its
settlement week. This is a period in the legal year where the Court earmarks
cases which it believes can be settled amicably by the parties and these cases
are forwarded to the Lagos Multi-door Court House which is also in the High
Court complex in Igbosere, Lagos. The LMDC offers Alternative Dispute
Resolution mechanisms free of charge and all litigants are advised to confer
with their counsel on how to take advantage of the settlement week. 

The Lagos
Multi-Door Courthouse
was established on June 11, 2002, as a public-private partnership between the High Court of Justice, Lagos
State and the Negotiation
and Conflict Management Group
(NCMG), a non-profit private organization. The
overarching objective of The LMDC is to facilitate dispute resolution within
the Nigerian Justice System.
Section 3(1)(8) of the Lagos Multi-door
Courthouse Law states one of its objectives as to promote or undertake projects
or other activities including but not limited to the settlement week which will
further assist in decongesting the courts and help to achieve. 
There are so many legal issues that can be
resolved through ADR including; banking and insurance related disputes;
landlord and tenant matters; property disputes; debt recoveries; libel and
slander; administration of estate; employment disputes; construction disputes; accident
and tort; medical negligence; contracts enforcement; family disputes;
succession disputes; and small claims etc. 
For more information, you may visit
Adedunmade Onibokun, Esq