Did you know some of the richest lawyers in Nigeria include Wole Olanipekun SAN, Chief Afe Babalola SAN, Wale Babalakin SAN, and Gbenga Oyebode. Also, some of the richest lawyers in the world according to Biglaw Investor, include Wichai Thongtang from Thailand worth $1.8 billion; Charlie Munger worth $1. Billion, and Bill Neukom worth $850 million. You may be familiar with some of these names. Contrary to what some people will have you believe, being a lawyer is still one of the highest paying careers in Nigeria and the world.

However, like every other profession or career, success does not come easy, it takes hard work, dedication, and integrity to become a successful lawyer. Also, Nigerian lawyers have an advantage over certain lawyers in other jurisdictions, being that Nigerian lawyers are called as Barristers and Solicitors, meaning you can earn money either as a Barrister, a Solicitor, or both.

If you will like to become one of the highest paying lawyers, here are a five tips you can include in your everyday schedule that will have on your way;

  1. Learn, unlearn and relearn every day.
  2. Be Organized
  3. Build and maintain a network
  4. Take advantage of technology
  5. Be creative and innovative

Interestingly, at Legalnaija, we also have tools that can help advance your law career, increase your income and promote your brand. Some of these include;

  1. The Lawyers Directory which helps users find you online through your area of practice, location and gender.
  2. The Blawg on which you can publish your expert opinions, commentaries and law articles for the public to read.
  3. Our Contract Templates which cut drafting time by over 98% so you can focus on more serious matters.
  4. The Online Bookstore where you can order some of the most recent legal textbooks and journals in your area of practice.
  5. A Research Assistant that cuts your research time significantly by providing you with quick answers, and
  6. Our Online Dispute Resolution platform where you can negotiate, record and resolve your client disputes.

All the tools mentioned above are available on our website www.legalnaija.com and taking advantage of them is what you need to get you on your way to success.

Remember, we are always rooting for you.

Image credit: www.bellanaija.com