I joined the Law firm of Dele Adesina & Co (now known as Dele Adesina LP) in February 2006 as the Deputy head of Chambers and rose to become the Head of Chambers. With my 14 years in the Chambers, I can categorically say I know a lot about “The Man Dele Adesina”

Mr. Dele Adesina SAN, is a leader who is always ready and willing to give junior lawyers the opportunity to cut their first tooth and take a bite at the legal practise during and after their service year.  He gives the same opportunity to colleagues who join him as Associates.

I can attest to the fact that he is a man with several qualities of a good leader. He is approachable, caring, humble, respectful, focused, a goal getter and an achiever who will never accept that something is impossible.  He is a determined and dogged fighter who will do all within his powers to succeed in a course he strongly believes in. He is a detribalised leader who gives opportunities to all colleagues irrespective of their class, tribe, religion and/or pedigree.  He has a listening ear and he believes that you can always learn from anyone, be it your juniors, mates or seniors, as no man knows it all. He gives everyone working with him the opportunity to express themselves on issues before taking a final position.

He is a strong believer that there is nobody that cannot be trained as long as they are intelligent and determined. As the head of Chambers, I observed that he does not only give Lawyers in Chambers fish, but also teaches them how to fish, so as to be self-reliant. He encourages associates in his firm to be determined in order to become astute legal practitioners. This is why most lawyers that have passed through him always leave to set up their own Practice rather than join another firm. A lawyer who trained under him must surely learn confidence, diligence, honesty and neatness. 

Mr. Dele Adesina SAN is very friendly and a  considerate leader. He is an intelligent Lawyer, who does not believe in impossibility. He is a solution provider and a good orator. His professional skills particularly, in the field of advocacy are top notch. He is a team player and his passion and love for the legal profession is something that is very visible and cannot be hidden. I can say with all sense of responsibility that, after the work of God/the church of God, his second passion is his love for the NBA and the Legal Profession. This explains his determination to find a lasting solution to the series of problems steering the NBA and its members in the face for many years now to wit; the erosion of public confidence in the judicial system, the welfare of young lawyers and even senior colleagues as well as the problems facing the Bench amongst others.

Dele Adesina SAN is a man of integrity who exhibits exemplary leadership qualities with honesty as his watch word.  He is always willing and ready to give a helping hand to others when and where necessary.  He is a gentleman per excellence and very responsible. To cap it all, he is a God fearing person who puts God first in all he does.

To give Dele Adesina SAN (DASAN) an opportunity to serve us as the Leader of the Bar, come July 2020 is to give an opportunity for repositioning both the Bar and the Bench in Nigeria. DASAN shall promote and protect the image and integrity of the Bar and the Bench.