In the past 24 hours, false messages and threats have been going out to deceive lawyers to vote in a particular way citing Section 9(3) and 2.2(a-e) of the second schedule of the Constitution of the Nigerian Bar Association 2015 and giving it a mischievous interpretation that it is the turn of the Igbos to produce the NBA President.This false hood is the oldest propaganda since the inception of this electioneering process.
It is important that lawyers know that the relevant section of the NBA constitution zoned the Presidency to the Eastern Zone which is made up of *Abia,Akwa Ibom,Anambra,Bayelsa,Cross River,Ebonyi,Enugu and Rivers.*

It is important to know  that the zone is made up of Old Rivers,Old East Central and Old Cross River. It is also important to know that all the zones have produced an NBA President except the Old Cross River where Paul Usoro comes from. Let us also be reminded that the NBA constitution recognises the sharing of power among interests in zones thus the need for Paul Usoro from Cross River/Akwa Ibom who is also eminently qualified.

Many Igbo learned friends are in support of this which they believe will create a balance in the zone and ensure equity and justice. The bigotry and threat messages to our Igbo lawyers are appalling and unbecoming of lawyers let alone persons who aspire to lead the Bar. 

We thank the astute and conscientious Igbo lawyers for their understanding especially taking into consideration the fact that ALL NBA Presidents from the Eastern zone have been Igbo speaking. We sincerely thank all Nigerians from Anambra to Sokoto from Maiduguri to Lagos,from Katsina to Bayelsa and so on who have supported our cause.
We are proud that we have maintained a clean campaign without trying to throw mud at anybody.The only mud you can see around us are the ones thrown at us.

Let us ignore this last minute propaganda and head to the polls with the best interest of the bar at heart. A new bar beckons as we vote for Paul Usoro.

Team Paul Usoro