What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a sworn written statement voluntarily made by a person called a deponent affirming something to be true and which is administered by a person legally authorized to do so. It is an official statement that contains a verification made under oath or affirmation with the understanding that if the statement is found to be untrue or misleading, the deponent could be on penalty of perjury. Affidavits are typically used in courts as evidence or proof. Affidavits are typically used in courts as evidence or proof. The general contents of an affidavit are contained in Section 90 of the Evidence Act.


What is an Affidavit of Change of Name?

An affidavit of change of name is a sworn written document declaring that a person has changed their name from and has discarded the old name. This could be a modification in spelling of a name, an addition of a new name or change of surname which is especially particular to newly married women. Essentially, anybody can change their name as long as they are up to 18 years of age which is the legal age in Nigeria. Note that a change of name would be invalid if it with the intention to commit a crime or to escape a financial obligation or for any other illegal reasons.


How to Use an of Affidavit of Changeof Name

This affidavit is mostly used in the event of a marriage or a divorce. Once an affidavit is sworn to and notarized, the next step for anyone intending to change their name is to make a public declaration in a national newspaper in order to give general notice to anyone concerned. The next step is to inform the relevant authorities and to effect the changes immediately. These relevant authorities include bank officials and other relevant bodies specifically but notlimited to the ones that involve personal identification e.g. passports, national identity cards, driver’s license, etc.


As a newly-wed woman or a recent divorcee who has changed their name to a new one, you need to formally inform the court of this development and to do that, you would need an affidavit. Do not bother yourself with the rigorous details of creating an affidavit from scratch,you can simply download a customizable template on www.legalnaija.com.