The world is a global
village thanks very much to the development and advancement of technology and
tech colutions all over the world.

Technology is bridging many
gaps and the rate of intellectual properly solutions being created everyday is
amazing. Most certainly Artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be left out of

For instance, the
constitutions of fintech markets to the Nigerian economy is well appreciated as
well as the innovations being introduced in many spheres of life.

With this near creations
however come quite a number of Intellectual Property Rights. These rights are
also unique due to the high level collaborations that make up these

Most definitely, science is
evolving and the advancement of new technology will benefit all of man-kind.
Another it’s introduction has certainly caused some disruption in certain

Intellectual property comes
from creativity and its forms include Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents.

With the advent of these
inventions will also come the corresponding rights that will accrue to its

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