In the few days left before the 2018 NBA General Elections, perpetrators of cheap calumny, hatred and barefaced blackmail have fuelled their ever uncultured lying tongues. This time around, they have primed and deployed desperate allegations about the person of the leading candidate of the 2018 NBA Presidential elections, Mr Paul Usoro, SAN.

This glaring desperation emanates from the unfortunate speech affirming the adoption of unpopular candidates. This act was initiated by those bent on abducting the freewill and franchise of Nigeria’s lawyers for sectional politics.  Despite a widely accepted universal suffrage system of voting that the Bar aspires to, these set of lawyers would rather stick to a process that has lost popularity and legitimacy.

Not surprisingly, defectors from the adoption school of thought have resorted to the use of dark arts for their campaigning efforts. Despite the popular demand of lawyers for Mr Paul Usoro, SAN, it is not unexpected that these attacks are occurring because nobody throws stones at empty trees not bearing fruits. 

Mr Usoro, even though he was the last candidate to declare interest to lead the bar, having no godfather and adopters, has surged ahead of the others. How? It’s simply goodwill, the charisma and love of his beaming supporters who read his reflections and listen to his speeches and pure pedigree.
Paul Usoro, SAN has justified as a man trained at the prestigious Harvard on leadership Best Practices graduate, what a leader really should be. He has shown this by continuing in a campaign of love, preaching oneness of the Bar and equality of all lawyers if lawyers vote him in as the next President of the NBA. 

He has displayed with a ceaseless staccato on many occasions, what a leader truly should be by not replying calumny for calumny, hatred for hatred but rather talking love back to those who hate to hear about him. It is available even for free to the adopters and mischief makers that the man has undoubtable class, style and gargantuan charisma.

While others engage in fiendishly egregious, desperately Mephistophelean publications about him, he is busy going about branches registering his loveable presence, soliciting for moral support and presenting his well mapped out plans for the Bar to the nation’s learned professionals. They are willing to always hear him speak again and again.
Furthermore, proving his honest and sincere attribute as a leader, he is not engaging in unachievable promise-slinging while visiting branches. He is not making unrealistic pledges achievable only in a state of phantasmagoria, neither does he engage in campaigns of making fortunes out of peoples’ misfortunes, making cheap donations to ailing lawyers and making it a campaign headline – what a gentleman! 

Learned friends and colleagues, I implore you all to aspire for the NBA of our dreams as proposed by Paul Usoro, SAN. Remember that a vote for Paul Usoro, SAN, is a vote against the undemocratic spirits and tenets of adoption. Remember that a vote for Paul is a vote for yourself.
I stand with the multitude of lawyers; I stand with the young lawyers; We stand for Paul Usoro, SAN.

Samuel Obot, Esq.