According to the publication, Nigerian Justice System: The Ideal, Hope And Reality by M. Shehu, Dr. M. Faud Bin Othman and Dr. N Binti Osman published in 2017, the “Justice system and its administration in every state is the reflection of that state’s extent of civilisation, the dispensation of justice and development. The administrators and operators of the Nigerian justice system are collectively and separately responsible for most of the problems facing the Nigerian justice system.

What we need includes a complete overhaul of the prisons to reflect changing realities, curbing corruption in the entire justice system, strengthening the constitutional provisions and procedural enforcement of fundamental rights, extensive and adequate civic education, strengthening the works of civil societies organisations, timely and efficient dispensation of justice in the courts, ensuring full independence of the judiciary and creation of conducive atmosphere for legal aid providers among others.”
This topic and more will be discussed at the WOC Justice Summit holding on Saturday, 22nd August, 2020, with the theme; “Developing An Institutional Concept of Justice in Nigeria”. Special Guests at the event include His Excellency, the Vice – President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osibajo GCON, SAN; Prof. Fidelis Oditah QC, SAN; Yemi Candice – Johnson SAN; Boma Alabi; Prof. Pat Utomi and Brie Stevens-Hoare (Professional Commissioner Judicial Appointments Commission UK).

The event will be moderated by Bode Olanipekun SAN, Managing Partner, Wole Olanipekun and Co.

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