His passion for the legal profession is unrivaled. He symbolizes humility, integrity and brilliance. 
For the legal profession to proudly echo its nobility, DASAN is the man!
He is a bar man to the core and he stands for giving voice, face and place to the NBA in Nigeria and indeed internationally.
I believe the era of looking down on some members of the profession by the public, especially the police and other security agencies will become history under the leadership of DASAN.
My views are well founded as they are the product of my very close working relationship with the learned silk for many years. Associates in his office are given very rare platform for self development. I am a proud product of DASAN. 
With DASAN, lawyers will be proud of their profession!
With DASAN, lawyers will be proud of the NBA!!
I am proud to be a lawyer because I associate with DASAN!!!

Olumide Olaiya Esq.