Dear colleagues,the latest development on the postponement of the election has given us more steam to keep pushing for a cause very dear to our heart.

I am grateful for all supporters of PU for their consistency,persistence and enthusiasm in  this process. Like we say,we will leave no one behind and no vote behind. I can assure you that we mean it and we will remain steadfast to that until the end.
We appreciate all our supporters and we are proud of you especially the calmness we have exhibited amidst the turmoil of the electoral process and the muds thrown at us. We have emerged stronger and more resolute to ensure that our vote do not only count but are counted.
Desperation has set in as we can all see from the unfortunate fake news that broke out this morning and another follow up notice alleging that some lawyers are agitating for the return of Chams. That is a malicious  propaganda and a figment of the imagination of the writer who has failed to understand that we are confident of winning irrespective of the vendor because our candidate is the most qualified, most competent,most capable for the job and presently the most popular. We will not be shaken because we have seen worse accusations.

This election is a call for duty and we will continue to heed to it until we see the new regime we all desire.

I will enjoin all PU supporters to continue to remain calm no matter what stone is thrown at us.It is not in our character to  deviate from issues and we will remain like that to the end.
In view of the new dates for verification and election, let us continue to work as a team to ensure that we all verify.Let us encourage and remind ourselves that we are pursuing a noble cause.
I have never been more optimistic about the end.If we all take this remaining one step to ensure that all our supporters and allies complete their verification,we will have a happy ending where we will have a bar that will PUt you first.

My name is Anthony Atata and I will vote for Paul Usoro SAN