The extraordinary heritage of gold is one with unique qualities. As an enduring element found naturally in a distinct yellow color, gold is resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion. It is learnt, gold is very strong, it is also the most malleable of all precious metals, and this is how I see one of the presidential aspirant to the NBA.

You see, gold comes in arrays of forms such as yellow gold, white gold, white gold with black rhodium, rose, vermeil, etc, and so is this gentleman.

Long before biblical times, gold was held in awe by those who came in contact with it, it has been used to trade and was currency well before the present legal tender. Gold has been used for jewelry, used for dentistry, home decor and the interior of palaces and holy shrines. It is a symbol of love, marriage and fidelity and has been for hundreds of years.
The period of the gold standard spelt prosperity for the United States, which at the time was stabilizing its economy with gold. The preservation of and stabilization of the economy with gold did reward the more productive nations.

Amongst other things, it discouraged inflation and government budget deficits and debt, which can’t exceed the supply of gold. This gold standard has spurred exploration. It’s why Spain and other European countries discovered the New World in the 1500s. They needed to get more gold to increase their prosperity. It also prompted the Gold Rush in California and Alaska during the 1800s.
These features endowed on gold surpasses other minerals and precious stones irrespective of their glitters and use.

The antecedents of Paul Usoro, SAN unveils him as the pure gold in issue. With his personal thriving and contributions to the legal society and the economy, his value and worth continues to soar above the rest of the presidential aspirants. His quality and expertise led him into servicing various clients in the banking sector. This appreciating value has led to his ability to maintain old and new clients who have continually valued his service compared to others’. Having dominated the Communications and Maritime sectors, nothing is best compared to PU than gold. A man who harmers on good quality delivery of work and effective planning and has equally demonstrated same.

No doubt, there is a lamentable need for a responsive member-oriented and vibrant Bar that will, in addition to propagating the fundamental objectives of NBA, also represent the interest of majority of members. That’s why PU is set, amongst others, with reforms to:

a. bring transparency to the NBA;
b. engender confidence in the NBA;
c. institutionalize the NBA; and
d. give the NBA moral equity.

The Bar needs a reserve of high quality material if it must flourish and appreciate in value; it must attain perfection, nothing is better than pure gold, none as *Paul Usoro, SAN* as the *NBA president!*

Paul Usoro, SAN . is the right candidate ✅✅✅Kunle Edison