Unlearn Old Skill: JAALS Foundation charges Bailiffs of the Federal High Court

In an effort to elevate the proficiency and professionalism of Bailiffs at the Federal High Court, Lagos Division, the JAALS Foundation, in partnership with SHAN Consulting, orchestrated a comprehensive two-day training program on April 2 and 3, 2024.

Under the endorsement of Hon. Justice John Tsoho, Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, the event drew the participation of esteemed legal luminaries, including Hon. Justice Faji, Administrative Judge of the Federal High Court, Lagos Division, and Mr. Bisi Makanjuola, Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, among others.

Mr. Tolu Aderemi, Director of the JAALS Foundation and Partner at Perchstone & Graeys, LP, initiated the training by emphasizing the crucial role of Bailiffs as agents of justice. Aderemi urged Bailiffs to update their knowledge of relevant laws, think innovatively, and proactively execute their duties. The workshop’s primary goal was to equip Bailiffs with new and innovative service delivery methods in alignment with the Nigerian Sheriff and Civil Processes Act, ultimately enhancing prompt justice administration.

Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, delivered the keynote address, underscoring the importance of Bailiffs in expediting justice delivery. He advocated for the integration of technology and emphasized the need for law reform to fully implement expected changes. Dr. Ajibade commended the JAALS Foundation for their initiative and encouraged ongoing collaboration to enhance the justice system.

On the second day, Mr. Bidemi Amusa, Managing Director/CEO of Carrilon Properties, stressed the significance of acknowledging excellence among Bailiffs and proposed enhanced welfare packages and recognition for outstanding performance. The NBA’s Lagos branch Chairman, Bisi Makanjuola, reassured Bailiffs of continuous support and announced collaborative efforts to address maltreatment issues.

Ms. Busola Ajala, Director of Strictly Law Business, urged Bailiffs to approach their duties impartially and with dedication, providing practical problem-solving strategies. Interactive sessions led by legal experts focused on service procedures and record-keeping best practices, with Hon. Justice Kalah offering insights on acceptable proof of service and discretion usage.

Goodwill messages from legal luminaries emphasized the importance of excellence in advocating for justice reform. Hon. Justice Ayokunle Faji, representing the Chief Judge, assured that proposed reforms and recommendations would be considered for implementation, emphasizing the need for potential legal amendments.

The training, led by Chief Consultant Mrs. Sylvia Nzekwu, incorporated unique styles and techniques to enhance participant engagement.

A significant highlight was the commitment from the JAALS Foundation and Carrilon Properties Limited to refurbish the Bailiff Section of the Federal High Court, enhancing working conditions as requested by the Head Bailiff.

Hon. Justice Ayokunle Faji expressed gratitude to the JAALS Foundation and partners for their commendable initiative, assuring participants of the Chief Judge’s support for proposed reforms. The event concluded on April 3, 2024, with certificates awarded to all attendees, signifying a crucial step towards empowering Bailiffs and improving justice administration at the Federal High Court.