The Kaduna state government has proposed life imprisonment
for rapists, especially where minors are involved. Try as one might, it is
difficult to comprehend why a man will rape anyone at all, much less a minor.
Short of being mentally deranged, I cannot think of any excuse for such…

While the proposition of life imprisonment is very
commendable, some people are of the opinion that it is a lenient punishment.
They have instead opted for other penalties such as maiming, castration,
various forms of inhumane treatment or the definite price, the death penalty.
Though some may argue that these are extreme measures and are
not in line with the laid down laws, it can also be argued that the victims of
these rape incidents are marred for life. They suffer various levels of
self-blame, depression, anger, shame, intimidation and fear. They are exposed
to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, uterine fibroid,
amongst many other negative effects and only a few are able to rise above such
horrific incidents to live a fulfilling life. Some who are sexually abused at a
young age may require treatment for the rest of their lives.
Be that as it may, we must also bear in mind that both male
and female are affected by these heinous acts. Lots of young boys and girls
these days suffer different forms of sexual abuse from older ones, especially
those they trust. This makes it difficult for them to trust reliable people who
truly care about them when they grow up.
Victims of sexual assaults are advised to do all or any of
the following:
§  Go
to a safe place, call a family member or trusted friend who can provide the
needed support.
§  Preserve
all physical evidence and report the crime to the police immediately.
§  Get
medical care as soon as possible.
§  Write
down as much as can be remembered including a description of the attacker.
§  Speak
with someone who is trained to assist sexually assaulted victims.
The healing process is usually a long one and some victims of
sexual assault tend to suffer from the effects for the rest of their lives.
Which brings us back to the question, why should the perpetrator of a sexual
assault be allowed to carry on living, even if it is behind bars? Perhaps, the
world would be a safer place without such perpetrator in it?
What do you think? 
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