Editor’s Note: – This article was initially posted on 6th February, 2015, on
Time Magazine via http://time.com/money/3697636/landlord-tenant-renters-tips-advice/
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Pay your bills,
respect your neighbours, and please hide your weed. Please.
Sometimes the landlord/tenant relationship can be a difficult one. But
it does not have to be that way, and it certainly does not have to start out
that way. As landlords, we try to get this relationship off to a good start and
keep it that way by taking care of our properties and tenant concerns.
But some tenants, perhaps due to past experiences, prepare for the worst
and thus approach the relationship ready for a fight. Maybe they have never had
a decent landlord. Maybe some just do not know how to act. Whatever the reason,
here are 14 tips from our 12 years as landlords to tenants everywhere for a
decent landlord/tenant relationship.

1. Pay your bills on time. Seems fairly
obvious, I know, but many tenants believe they can pay every other bill before
they pay the rent. Want to stay on our good side? Please pay your rent on time.
2. Always try to be polite. I will, too.
Being polite and calm really does go a long way. You would not like it if I
left you snarky or angry screaming messages on your voicemail. I know sometimes
issues can seem to linger on and on, but we really are doing our best to get
things resolved.
3. Listen to our instructions. We tell you
things for a reason. If we show you how to trip a breaker or turn a gas valve
off, listen. It may just save your butt. If we tell you there will be a hard
freeze tonight and to please let your faucet drip, don’t call us the next day
and complain that your pipes have frozen and you need to do laundry. I can’t
control the weather, so you will just have to wait until it warms up.
4. Help us. We try to take care of our properties, but we can’t
be everywhere all the time. Is there something we need to know about? Tell us.
Is something broken? Let us know. Help us by being our eyes and ears.
5. Tell the truth. Did you or your kid flush
something down the toilet and stop it up? Then tell us the truth so we can get
the problem resolved as quickly as possible. After a dozen years in this
business, we can almost always determine the culprit anyway.
6. Please just leave me a message. If we do not
answer your call, do not hang up and call over and over again. There are times
we simply cannot take your call. How do you think we are going to feel when we
finally answer you after you have called five times in a row? It had better be
a matter of life or death.
7. Understand that we have a lot going on. Sometimes other tenant’s issues may take priority. We know about your
issue, and we will get to it just as soon as we can. We might for example need
to make sure everyone has heat before taking care of your dripping bathroom
8. If you get in a bind, talk to us. Communication
is key! Tell us what is going on. Did you lose your job? Has your roommate gone
off the deep end? We have been there before, and we know what it is like. But
if you do not talk to us, there is no way we can help you. Please do not put
your head in the sand and hope whatever problem you are having will go away. It
will not, and things will only get worse.
9. Treat my property and the people who do work for me with respect. You would not believe how many people are just plain rude to the people
we send over to try and fix their problems. Plus, how do you think we are going
to react if we see that your place is a mess or that you are causing damage?
Disrespecting our properties or our help is a sure way to create an adversarial
10. Work with me. We know you have a busy schedule.
So do we, and trust us, we want your issue resolved as quickly as possible too
because we have a dozen or so more to deal with. It all goes much easier if you
work with us on times and arrangements. You might have to put up your dog for a
day or allow us into your apartment on your day off. We hate to disturb you,
but we will be done and out of your hair just as soon as we can.
11. Trust me. We are not going to steal your stuff or try and
stiff you. Yes, we know some landlords might, but not us. If we say we need to
get into your home, it is for a legitimate reason.
12. Follow the rules. They are
there for a reason. They were explained to you when you moved in, and you
agreed to follow them. It just makes life harder for all of us if you choose to
ignore them. If you could not live with the rules, then you should not have
moved in.
13. Respect your neighbors. Would you
appreciate a loud party the night before you need to make a major presentation
at work or before your final exams? No, you would not. Remember that you live
in an apartment building, and you have neighbors — sometimes very close
neighbors. Think about how your actions might affect them. I’m not saying do
not have any fun; just try to be considerate.
14. Hide your weed. Just please do this. It is
technically against your lease, and you really never know when there will be an
emergency and who will need to access your place.
A lot of the above is just common courtesy and common sense. But for
those few — and you know who you are — please review and follow the above and
let’s make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.
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