Adedunmade Onibokun, the Founder and publisher of the Nigerian Blawg, @Legalnaija is set to launch his 2nd book, Social Media for Lawyers. According to the teaser released earlier today on his social media channels, the book is to help lawyers harness social media resources to create visibility and grow their practice. 
Adedunmade as popularly called is well known for his impeccable mark on the LegalNaija brand and platforms, where he uses social media to enlighten Nigerians on the law and how to enforce their legal rights. Having conducted training programs for members of NBA Lagos Branch on how they could harness social media resources for their practice, he continues to contribute greatly to the growth of digital law and how to apply social media to legal practice. Adedunmade was also a speaker at the 2019 NBA Annual General Conference, where he was a panelist alongside the Hon. A. G of Oyo State at the session on Social Media: Culture, Liability and Professional Ethics.
Speaking on what to look forward to in his second book, Adedunmade said “the time has come for lawyers to understand the current space we find ourselves seeing that the world has largely become digital in its approach to everything; also lawyers must embrace social media and tap from the immense opportunity it provides for lawyers and firms to grow their practice and establish themselves as thought leaders while giving value to the society. The books sheds light on this and more”. 
Adedunmade published his first book, Legal Rights and Obligations Under Nigerian Law in 2017 and this upcoming book is set to launch in August, 2020. Lawyers are encouraged to keep an eye out for this book that promises to be of immense value to them and their practice especially in this digital age. 

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