According to Bruce Burk, “Technology is the catalyst by which the world turns” and you will agree that Tech is constantly changing how we work and live today. For Lawyers, the practice of law globally is changing as well. Lawyers once did all of their legal research using books. However, now most of that research is done electronically with legal research databases. Many technologies are available today that are changing the legal profession on a very significant basis, and the NBASBL is gving a front row seat to catch up on all current tech trends at the NBASBL 2021 Annual Conference.

The 15th Annual Business Law Conference, themed Re-tooling Business for Change: Leveraging the Tech Explosion” offers a bigger promise of leading content, plenary sessions, engaging discussions and networking sessions all centered on Tech.

What the SBL is doing here is simply huge because it is the first time the very conservative Nigerian Bar Association would be championing conversations centered on Tech on this scale. Definitely Tech is here and the sooner all Lawyers get onboard and begin to understand the eco – system the better. Moreover, Tech companies can be BIG clients and you really want them to know you know your stuff.

If you are yet to register for the NBASBL conference which holds between the 14th  and 15th of June, 2021, then click the Registration Link now.