The Legal Profession is one
of the most respected and loved professions. Hence, its regulation is deemed
necessary. The legal profession is guided by rules, principles of engagement as
well as professional ethics. The code of ethics stipulates the standards of
professional conducts expected of lawyers in their relationship with the legal
profession, the legal system and the public.


The main legislations that govern
legal practitioners in Nigeria are the Legal Practitioners Act (LPA) 1975 and
the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) 2007.

It is unfortunate that both
legislations have been unable to put an end to sharp practices carried out by
legal practitioners which makes a mockery of the administration of justice in
Nigeria. There are legal practitioners who engage in various unethical conducts
in order to win cases. Others maintain an unprofessional relationship with
judges in order to receive favours. Others who are not involved in unethical
conducts resort to filing unnecessary applications and seeking delays through
adjournments in order to the delay the cause of justice. 

The legal profession is
plagued with myriads of problems. One of such is our legislation. The Rules of
professional Conduct does not take cognizance of changes that has occurred in
prevalent times. It failed to address prevalent concepts of legal practice like
advertisement. The Rules merely prohibited it. The LPA is outdated and requires
amendment. Another problem faced in the legal profession is the discipline of erring
members. The Rules of Professional conduct suffers lack of enforcement. The
disciplinary proceedings before the LPDC encounter delays and this makes the complainants
abandon it and also, the fact that non legal practitioners make unnecessary
incursions into law practice. For example, Chartered Secretaries. 

The various issues and challenges
facing the legal profession and the way forward would be discussed at the
Plenary Session of the NBA Annual General Conference scheduled to hold on;

Wednesday, 28th August 2019

Time:  14.00 – 15.30

Convention Center


Moderator: Chief Olanipekun

Tony Idigbe SAN

                    Prof. Fabian Ajogwu SAN

                    Prof. Sam Erugo