The advanced certificate course in international law is co-organized by the Nigerian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) and the International Law Association (ILA).

Given the importance of international law to national development, it is essential for key stakeholders in government, private practice, academia, and students to understand key multilateral agreements that, through their effective implementation, can accelerate sustainable development, specifically on issues related to foreign direct investments, regional economic integration, human rights, peace and security, climate change and environmental protection, management of new technologies, and alternative dispute resolution, amongst others.

The ultimate objective of this course is to expose participants to the specialised knowledge and skillsets required in the practice of international law and diplomacy. The course provides an in-depth examination of the core sources and principles of international law, the practical challenges that limit their effective design and implementation, especially in the context of developing economies, as well as the innovative approaches and skillsets required to negotiate win-win international instruments in an increasingly globalized world. The course will also address hot topics and trends that are particularly important for Nigeria, including the transfer of technology, the role of public-private partnerships in key economic sectors, business and human rights, and corporate social responsibility.

The one-week course is composed of nine 4-hour sessions. The first eight sessions (Monday–Thursday) focus on the legal frameworks and hot topics in international law and the settlement of disputes. In the last session (Friday morning), participants will be divided into groups and assigned a hypothetical case in international law to negotiate. and discuss

Who should attend?

• Lawyers in private practice

• Legal academics

• Government officials

• Members of the judiciary

• Non-lawyer experts in commercial, industrial, and financial sectors

• Representatives of organizations such as shipping companies, chambers of commerce, and arbitration bodies

• Anyone Interested in International Law

Certificates shall be awarded at the end of the course.

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