Find below reactions from Nigerian lawyers to the persecution of the NBA President, Paul Usoro SAN – 

Though we all fought from different angles during the last NBA general election, now election is gone but the profession remains. You may hate Mr Paul Usoro but the fact is that he is the BAR PRESIDENT and we all plead our allegiance to advancement of the BAR. Therefore we must support the bar president if at all we will ever witness the  BAR of our dreams. The present criminal allegations against P. U is not just baseless but an affront to not just the BAR president but to all members of the profession. EFCC and /or any other law enforcement agency should not be allowed to cow us into relinquishing our right to charge our professional fees to them. Lawyers should stop leveraging on the unwarranted and unlawful political persecution of the president to cause more harm to the BAR by supporting the impunity just to get back to the president. Paul Usoro will one day seize to be the president but the image of the bar remains. If EFCC is allowed to carry out such impunity on the number 1 Nigerian lawyer, what then will be the fate of ordinary man in the street or ordinary member of the profession. We all must stand up against this for the sake of the profession.  #NO2PAULUSOROPERSECUTION.
Attah, Esq

When EFCC started harrassing Ukiri in 2012 over a lawyer-client dispute over fees, NBA national kept conspiratorially silent! Now you see how daring they have become?
After P.U. USORO, SAN, our President,who is above EFCC’s harrassment and intimidation despite the warning of the Supreme Court in DIAMOND BANK PLC v. OPARA and EFCC v. DIAMOND BANK PLC?
Let us unite against intimidation of NBA under any guise, if the news is not fake!  P.U. USORO, SAN represents the NBA.
 We must not see this affront as his personal burden.
I will be on the legal team, trust me!
Frmr 1st Vp., NBA.

My dilemma in this matter that smack of political witch hunt is, if the alleged accused person is yet to be arraigned, why are the proposed charge flying all over the place? Who leaked the charge to the press? Why are the news about the charge circulated by those who opposed Paul Usoro, SAN during the NBA elections? Is there a collaboration between the EFCC and Sahara Reporters and some opposing lawyers? Considering the facts that the EFCC first raised these issues at the eave of the NBA elections to whistle down the credibility and choice of Paul Usoro, SAN in the election and again on the eave of the first NEC meeting to be hosted by the Paul Usoro SAN led administration, is suggestive of a deliberate agenda aimed at destabilizing this gentleman and causing him to be derailed in pursuing his set objectives.
I urge on all of us to rise up in defense of the legal profession and defend one of our own.

Because they don’t want him to be president of the bar. Interests aligned together and attackers gathered together. An enemy to my enemy is my friend. That’s what is in the play here. Also Usoro defeated the EFCC twice. 1, with saraki when they couldn’t achieve their aim, 2, with becoming the president and also refusing to play their tune as regards the politics happening in akwaibom. Efcc freezing state account, but we all know where it will end. So attacking Usoro is the best game for them…

Just like they think the AGF too is guilty of something’s as regards the maina shit, they will just dig up unnecessary facts and use it to embarrass their target. 

They did it to Mike Ozekhome SAN, he isn’t talking again today. 

Mr. President, no shaking, we are with you on this one. The worst is that he would be docked and he would be let out on self recognizance after which the battle starts…. (What’s gonna be the gain of EFCC) second over 700 lawyers including well respected silks are ready for this…. And on the long run the issues for determination would affect the BAR… Let’s see where it ends… 

So if I charge a client 5 billion and he’s paying and still oweing for numerous cases oooo, I should be docked abi…..? 
Shameless people. Let them come. 
All the wailers game plans even at NEC is already in the open…. Let’s see how it goes today? Your point of order plan etc… Let’s see how it goes….