Credits –
The words of the then Speaker of the Nigerian House of
Representatives, Rt. Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal at the public hearing of the
bill for the enactment of the administration of Criminal Justice Bill vividly
captures the need for continuous judicial reform of any nation.
 “….human society is dynamic; the system of administration
of justice cannot be static but must be improved to create more effective and
efficient mechanisms, procedures and institutions for dealing with the new
realities and challenges in the society. This is because it is impossible to
have a sound economy without a solid foundation of good laws that can curb
anti-social behaviours and other disruptive tendencies. As we develop plans and
strategies for the economic and other forms of reforms, we also need to develop
plans and programs for creating sound laws and procedural systems consistent
with our commitment to our legislative agenda.”

 From: Presentation at the
Nigerian Bar Association Annual general conference, Abuja 2015 on Current
Developments in Judicial Reforms in Nigeria by Obi Okwusogu, S.A.N, Fciarb