My Learned Professor, it is a privilege for me to join the multitude of your admirers, Seniors, Colleagues and Juniors of yours in this beloved Profession of ours to say a big congratulation to you on the attainment of Twenty-Five (25) years of conferment with the prestigious rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) today. Professor Ilochi Augustine Okafor SAN was called to the Bar in 1978 and admitted into the exclusive club of the inner Bar in 1995.

I recognise that success is not a destination; rather it is a journey which will always culminate in the accomplishment of one’s destiny by a determined, committed, dedicated, creative and productive individual. Professor Ilochi Okafor SAN is a Ford Foundation Fellow of University of Pennsylvania, a former Attorney-General of Anambra State, a Law Professor and a former Vice-Chancellor of Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka. He is an exemplary administrator and a forensic Advocate. A highly respected leader of the Bar, always cool, calm and collected. He carries himself with enormous dignity and reverence. He personifies the values and virtues of the Profession. He is a mentor to multitude of Legal Practitioners.

I had the privilege of meeting him recently right in his Chambers at Awka in Anambra State. I marvelled at the exceedingly warm reception extended to me and my entourage by someone who is by all definition our Leader and a standard bearer in the Profession. I also marvelled at the Olympian height he holds the traditions of the Profession as our meeting and discussion progressed. As the Learned Professor was speaking, his words began to paint pictures in my mind. Indeed, there is a dimension beyond hearing what is spoken to seeing the spoken words. I saw his spoken words and I began to challenge myself afresh saying the *”journey”* continues.

I wish you many more contributions to the Legal Profession. God bless you continually.

*Dele Adesina SAN*