What is a photo licensing agreement?

A photo licensing agreement grants others the license to use a photographer’s images and the user may only use the image within the bounds of the agreement.

How it works
As a photographer, your job is to take pictures and you must have taken some very amazing pictures in your career. Imagine these pictures have now caught the attention of the world and you have brands and celebrities wanting to feature your photograph in their work.

A licensing agreement is the legal document you sign with the brand or company wanting to use your work. In this relationship, the photographer is known as the Licensor, while the company or brand is known as the licensee.

In essence, a photo licensing agreement is a contract between two parties, the licensor (the photographer who owns the copyright and is licensing the rights to use the image) and the licensee (the person or company wanting to and gaining the right to use the image).

The advantage to photographers
As a photographer, learning how to license your images is an essential skill if you want to make extra income from your photography practice.

What should be in a licensing agreement?
Terms contained in a licensing agreement include the description of the image being licensed; the duration of the license; the amount paid for the license and the ways in which the image may be used among several other things.

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