you been paying your tax? I mean your personal income tax? Buhari is looking
for more people to arrest o
The Government is keen on preventing  tax evasion and using the revenue collected
to raise the much needed funds government desperately needs, especially with
the back drop of the current falling crude oil prices.  The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has
in turn put officers on check points to arrest people that have not paid
their taxes
geared up its strategy to combat tax evasion which is very
prevalent in Nigeria.
Nigerians are required to pay their personal income taxes by virtue of the
provisions of Section 41, Personal
Income Tax Act, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2004
. The law
provides that ;
For each year of
assessment, a taxable person shall, without notice or demand thereof, file a
return of income in the prescribed form and containing  the prescribed information with the tax
authority of the state in which the taxable person is deemed to be a resident.
one is mandated to pay taxes based on all forms of income such person may have
received in the year under assessment especially all those monies that
people dashed you
. This is stated in Section 36 that –
total income of an individual for any year of assessment shall be the amount of
his total assessable income from all sources for that year
should be noted that evading tax payments is a crime in most jurisdictions of
the world including Nigeria as seen in Section 94 (1) which states failure to
comply can lead to imprisonment for 6 months and/or a fine. Usually, personal
income tax is paid at source by most organisations but it’s necessary to
confirm if yours has been paid.