A lot has been said of the Astute Litigator and Strategist, Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN, the Presidential candidate for the fort coming Nigerian Bar Association elections. Supporters from both junior and senior lawyers have shown steadfastness amidst the campaigns of calumny and smear campaigns on Social Media and Whatsapp platforms against their choice (Paul Usoro, SAN). They have demonstrated that exceptional believe on the course they stand for, #PUTTINGYOUFIRST.  Suffice to say that they are the real ‘die hard fans’ as commonly used among football fanatics.

In this write up, we have extracted some of the quotes from some supporters of the Paul Usoro, the NBA Presidential election candidate who are proud to be #PURIFIED.  The captivating quotes as written in their own words encapsulate the essence of what PU stands for.

“Surely, there is no Justice in every disposition until you can concede humanly that indeed, someone is more meritorious than you’re. Paul Usoro SAN you’re more meritorious than others, we therefore remain #PURIFIED because you’re Putting Us First!”
Abdul Quadri Alhaji Sanni

“It is not of him that willeth, it is of the Lord, that showeth Mercy”, “The race is not unto the strong, the battle is not unto the swift, time and chance happeneth to them all”. The Holy Bible If you wished, suspend Officials of the Forum, who stand on the path of Truth, ’cause crises in Branches, snatch microphones in an unlawyerly manner,  just because you want to force a candidate down our throat, “Que Sera Sera Sera “, what will be, will be “. #IStandWith Paul Usoro SAN, the man suited for the job!
Douglas Ogbankwa

This is the deal. The opposition have coalesced and all working towards one goal. The opposition have done the maths and everything points to the fact that we will win in the election ahead as scheduled by the ECNBA. So what do they do? Send out attack dogs. Throw everything and anything – muddle the waters as much as possible. Discredit the NBA and its electoral process. Create doubts in the minds of the electorate.

The attempt at interpreting annual reports displays total unimaginable ignorance. Even a limited quest for knowledge would have made them consult lawyers in financing or capital markets or accountants to deconstruct the meaning of the screenshot annual report referenced but their interest is not in the truth but to cause confusion. The disingenuous argument of a 150 member EBF (according to Prof Ojukwu) falls flat.

All of these were expected. That is why the Team PU are calm and focused in our campaign.
Recall and be encouraged by the words of our leader: “If his track record is anything to go by, I fully expect him to recycle his distorted facts and untruths, come up with further jaded arguments and continue to pursue his futile goal of running me out of the NBA Presidential race. Do I need to worry about these expected reprocessed attacks? No. Discerning readers, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, have seen through Odinkalu’s campaign of calumny and all that remains to be said is that a million Odinkalus cannot change God’s Will.”
Adetola (Ibironke) Bucknor-TAIWO

“I focus on my candidate, I don’t discuss other candidates, I wish other candidates best of luck, as for Paul Usoro SAN, welcome him, he is the next NBA President for the next two years, by the special grace of God. You and I will make it possible. He will turn the NBA around for the benefit of you and me”.
Rafiu Tolani Esq

“I am a staunch supporter of Chief Mazi Afam Osigwe, I am also a member of EBF. I reside and practice in Asaba same with Aurthur Obi. Some candidates believe so much in adoption and they can do anything to keep that up. The Midwest Coordinator for Paul Usoro, SAN, Mr. Ogaga Emoghwanre approached me, having seen everything on ground and in the absence of Afam Osigwe in the election; the only viable candidate and the person that can turn around the affairs of the bar positively is Paul Usoro, SAN. I have been #PURIFIED”.
Stanley Ofor

The PU statement was well-thought-out! I faced similar intimidation and thuggery in 2012 and eventually lost my younger brother on eve of the NBA manifesto night, when I contested the position of NBA President against the dictates of those who believed they were the NBA CABALS.
You should know what followed after the elections and how just two(2) votes were allotted to me!
The shameless thuggery and intimidation are growing with the play on words called ADOPTION.

My position has remained that if any position is zoned to any REGION, let anyone from that Zone who is interested and qualified be allowed and encouraged to vie for it! ADOPTION is very undemocratic and tyrannical. It breeds desperation that may turn NBA politics into a do-or-die affair. I DO NOT SUPPORT IT. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYONE IMPOSING HIS WILL ON ME.

I have been fighting against it for years. I have not changed my STAND. I have won many elections in NBA by swimming against the tide. It made me stronger and much more determined. I was nick-named the one-man-riot-squad and I got awarded with the title – CPHB. I was even denied audience in an EBF meeting hosted and held in my Branch! So u see, my dear Paul Usoro, SAN, to be fair to EBF, it did not start with you.

The DESPERATION in the NBA politics is a shameful and painful thing! We had thought that with the introduction of universal suffrage and electronic voting, desperation and intimidation might gradually fade away. I pray and believe that we do not further degenerate.

No one can ADOPT my vote! I am too enlightened for that. I strongly believe every Legal Practitioner/NBA Voter should be allowed to vote according to his personal convictions.
That is the only way we can elect credible Bar Leaders and retire the NBA CABALS, or encourage them to go and join their likes in the Nigerian politics of KILL-AND-BURY YOUR OPPONENTS TO WIN ELECTIONS!

When I saw the line-up of candidates for this current NBA elections, I was indeed thrilled by their personalities and must confess that I felt so proud to be part of the zone producing the president for the incoming leadership. Truth be told, since I didn’t know anyone of the personally I wanted to root for a certain academician whose legal works has contributed and still do contribute to my wealth of legal experience: by divine arrangement I was added to the PUC team by a cherish friend and leaned senior who I respect a lot as a legal icon and one of my personal legal role models. Instead of exiting from the group as I had resolved, I decided to stay and understand why Mrs Eke and my friend would throw their weight behind a man I know nothing about. Indeed I have seen, read and learned a lot about this legal luminary.

In summary, PUSAN’s profile is not only overwhelming but his achievements are mind blowing.  However, what captivates me most are the testimonials from both serving associates, partners and staff in his employment; this one settled any confusion for me  and should also do for you if you have the future of the bar at heart.

Credible, Capable and Tenacious Seniors who are ready to provide mentorship to younger lawyers matters a lot to me and should to you also. I am saddened by the level of poor practise and lack of pupillage for younger lawyers. I see in Paul Usoro, a bar with an agenda for the new and aged wigs, which is something so fundamental but lacking in the profession now.

If you eligible, please vote for Paul Usoro, if you are not, campaign for him as I am doing, not for what you will profit right now but for the future of the Nigerian Bar. Our profession is Noble and must continue to maintain its Nobility in the strictest sense of words.
Boma-Jaja Philip-Obi