Author: Oluwatobi Adetona Esq.
Description: Although you might not know it, the law affects every area of your lives. Incidentally, ignorance of the law is not an excuse and knowledge of the law is therefore a necessity. You ask; how does the knowledge of the law aid me, my career, relationship, family, business and everything I do?
The answer is simple! Law cuts across all spheres of human endeavours. Hence, Law for the Layman is a book aimed at promoting legal literacy in Nigeria by bridging the gap between YOU and the LAW using the simplest language easy for comprehension in an entertaining style coupled with interesting cases and first-hand experiences from the lens of a legal practitioner.
What you seek to gain from Law For The Layman
1.  It will enhance your body of legal knowledge as you will become aware of relevant legal principles.
2. It will guide your subsequent transactions, dealings and how to react in various circumstances.
3. It will give you the courage to seek remedies for wrongs done.
4. The cases will enable you see how the court works, how evidence is adduced and certain legal principles of law.
5. You get the opportunity to know the major and key highlight of recent laws passed in Nigeria and policies.
6. A lot of insights will also be gleaned from popular questions asked by people and the responses to those questions.
7. You also get the opportunity to educate those around you.