The world is fast becoming a Technological zone; running businesses online, solving issues with technology, etc., and the Legal world cannot be left behind. OMAPLEX is regarded as one of the world’s leading innovative Law Firm presently in Nigeria known for its best practice in Technology Law. 
The Firm has successfully taken the business of the Legal profession miles ahead with its technological visibility most especially its newest innovation of Virtual Internship representation in Nigeria.
Internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, usually undergraduates or fresh graduates, to obtain work experience for a fixed period; usually between a month and three months.
It provides students with practical skills, firsthand workplace experience and greater knowledge of the industry, real-world experiences and helps them make connections before heading out into their chosen field in exchange for the employer benefiting from the labour.
Recently due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, lots of Companies have begun to take advantage of the convenience offered by technology to have their employees work remotely within the confines of their homes. During this period, we have witnessed Digital technology dramatically changing a lot of activities. There is a swift shift in the ways students navigate their learning experience with online courses, and study groups which has brought a new level of convenience to students’ lives. 
One experience expected to be least transformed by technology is Internship. Based on this, OMAPLEX Law Firm is readily poised to take more advantage of technology by creating virtual internship for interested individuals to learn the required skills for a highly successful chance with the legal profession, from home.


The virtual internship by OMAPLEX Law Firm is a work experience program whereby Participants (interns) gain experience while working virtually in the Firm.
The Virtual Internship intends to provide various opportunities for  participants to learn more about  the  operations of a Legal Business, by  carrying out basic activities that may include mastering the skill of Proof reading documents, Drafting, Presentations/Proposals, Research, sorting through documents and more. 
One of the skills and knowledge that Participants are expected to gain is an opportunity to expand their knowledge of and experience with Technology thereby helping with the development of skills in time management and problem solving . Also, the internship is intended to  equip  participants with a range of skills that will help them network and build valuable connections in the legal industry which can also be a valuable addition to their Curriculum Vitae, thereby giving them a front over their counterparts who will not key into this laudable scheme. 
1. The opportunity to telecommute: participants can intern with the firm without having to leave their home and still gain the experience needed for a competitive edge. 
2. Flexibility: which means the internship program can be worked easily according to their schedule.
3. A chance to develop knowledge and skills in the multifaceted spheres of the legal industry.
4. Exploring different areas of law to see which is likely to be pursued.
5. Acquiring insights into the way the legal field works and what challenges it faces daily.
6. The opportunity to create a network of contacts.
7. Gaining valuable work experience to set them apart from other candidates.
8. Acquiring practical knowledge of the courses being taught in the university.

With the invention of this cutting-edge technology cum knowledge initiative, OMAPLEX Law Firm is looking to give back by training more persons who are interested in the delicate nuances of the legal profession and practice anywhere in the world without having the need to be physically present. The benefits to be tapped are not exhaustive and as indicated above, it is a life-changing avenue which only participants can truly appreciate the priceless value, as it sets them on the part to attaining not only academic and professional excellence, but also gaining a remarkable degree of expertise and peerless proficiency in the niche that this opportunity will aid them to couch for themselves.

About Us
OMAPLEX LAW FIRM is one of the leading law firms in Nigeria that came about as a result of merging of great law firms established with the purpose of bringing specialists that have gained experience for over 10 years in different areas of law practice in order to provide the highest level of technical legal expertise to our clients.