Earlier today, a Senior Partner at Templars, Mr Olumide Akpata, moderated a discussion session at the Young Lawyers Forum (YLF) Summit that held in Owerri, Imo State. 

The YLF is a wing of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) set up to articulate and actualize the aspirations of young lawyers (0 – 7 years post call to the Nigerian bar) within the NBA. The YLF also serves as a bridge between young lawyers and the rest of the NBA.  
This year’s YLF Summit attracted several stakeholders from within and outside the State. 
Mr. Akpata, who moderated the penal discussion on “Pathways to a Successful Legal Career: Opportunities for Young Lawyers,”  weighed in on the importance of capacity-building among young lawyers. 
In his words: ‘Young lawyers must take capacity-building very seriously. This is why I have made it my primary responsibility to be a part of the process. I believe that lawyers must be ready for the dynamics of the legal profession. Disruptive technology is reshaping the legal profession; digital economy is on the rise and buzzwords like artificial intelligence, fintech, internet of things, blockchain and the rest are fast becoming familiar terms in the delivery of legal services. Therefore, lawyers must take commercial awareness very seriously in order to leverage on the emerging legal market’. 
After the fruitful panel discussions, the leadership of the YLF thanked Mr. Akpata for his accessibility and continuous efforts towards building capacity within the NBA.