I thought I’ve met brilliant and smart people in my life. Yes, I thought so. But when I met this handsome, young man, though old according to number, I knew I still have lots more to meet.

He introduced himself as Deacon Dele Adesina, someone else told me he’s a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

His Charisma is superb!
His voice, you could sit and listen forever!

Then the ideas reeled out by him? Fantastic, incredible yet so realistic. I was almost swept off my tender, tiny key legs shaa.

Just then I said to myself, “here stands my NBA President, come what may”.

What am I supposed to do?
I’ve decided to follow DASAN and so, I’m expected to convince many others to follow him. That I do bearing in mind that politics is a game of number.

If we resolve with all our hearts, to preach DASAN to every lawyer we meet and talk with on daily basis, we’ll populate our camp and depopulate the sides.

For the change we desire, we must be committed to this cause.

DASAN all the way!

Ada H.A. Nwafor
YLF Chairman, Okehi R/S