Some of the novel ideas seen in this #NBAAGC2019 has never happened before and one of such is the arrangements made for Senior members of the Bar by the TCCP.
According to Gbenga Oyebode, MFR, Chairman of the TCCP, all senior members of the Bar should note the following – 
(a) we will ensure that your access card and conference materials for the NBA Conference 2019 are delivered to you, at a Lagos address of your choice ahead of the conference. We have also made arrangements for an distinct mark to be placed on your access card to ensure that you are granted seamless access to the conference and are easily identified as a senior member of the Bar;  
(b) a younger lawyer will be assigned to receive you at the NBA Conference 2019. Your escort will provide any assistance you require for the duration of the conference. The name of your escort is [X], her phone number is, [x] and her email address is [x] .  [x] will contact you shortly to introduce herself to you;
(c) during the NBA Conference 2019, you will be granted access to the holding room, which has been reserved for VIP Guests and distinguished speakers;
(d) we have also reserved a private room for your tea and lunch breaks to enable you take your refreshments within a conducive and quieter environment.
This is great, wouldnt you agree?