The air of
disillusionment and dissatisfaction common among young Nigerian lawyers
grappling with how they can navigate their career and make a mark in the highly
competitive Nigerian legal industry has now come under the focus of Grey
Consulting, a Lagos-based firm.

Among some of the
issues young Nigerian lawyers grapple with issues are low Remuneration,
unbearable work environments, unemployment, lack of opportunities for growth
and promotion, as well as lack of healthy Work/Life balance.

While this crippling
status quo remains, the market welcomes not less than 3,000 new wigs every
year. Only a lucky few will land a spot with the limited number of thriving
workplaces scattered across Nigeria.

Having studied
industry trends and the effects of globalization, GreySage consulting now seeks
to equip young lawyers with affordable vital information and resources that can
acquaint them with entrepreneurial skill set, a Do-It-Yourself approach to career
development, and creating a prosperous and fulfilling work life.

With a hands-on
approach, GreySage has teamed up with experienced dynamic attorney, Akinyemi
Ayinoluwa, Founding Partner at HighTower Solicitors & Advocates, to produce
a month-long Consultation session – in April, 2018 –  available to only 20
young lawyers in Lagos, Nigeria.

Participants will
have a One-on-One session to share from the resourceful wealth of experience of
a burgeoning lawyer-preneur. With keen understanding of the dynamics of the
terrain as a professional who has continued to make a huge impact, Akinyemi
will beam his floodlight on four important topics:

1.  How to build
a Community that supports your law practice.

2.  What you
must do before starting a practice in Nigeria.

3.  How to
cultivate a Personal Brand that supports your career.

4.  How Nigerian
lawyers can leverage content in a digital world.

We assure
participants that we will help move their careers and practices forward, and
they will have fun while learning.

To book one of the
available 20 slots, send email to or call

About GreySage

GreySage Consulting
Ltd. is a new consulting company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The firm is
dedicated to empowering practitioners in the Creative and Legal industry, via
trainings, seminars, advisory services, industry-specific events, mentorship,
and Network events.