Taxation of persons and businesses is a means through which government raises revenue to finance its programmes and meet its obligations to its citizens. Such taxes include property tax. In Nigeria, where property is acquired or transferred, the parties are required under the vaious tax regimes to pay taxes to the government.
Similarly,rent accuring to individuals and companies on properties is regarded as income and accordingly taxed.   Tax is a compulsory charge by the Government on the income of an individual,corporarion, or trust, as well as value of an estate or gift. It could also be described as a levy imposed by an organ of government for public purposes. Taxes are either direct or indirect levies.

Direct taxation occurs where persons are taxed to pay for no particular services or goods delivered, but simply for the maintanance of government. Indirect levies are where persons are charged for services rendered to them, transactions conducted or for other activities.
Taxes by the Federal, State and Local governments can be summarised as follows;   Taxes levied by the Federal Government include;
1. Companies Income Tax.
2. Withholding tax on Companies
3. Petroleum Profits Tax
4. Value Added Tax
5. Education Tax
6. Capital Gains Tax
7. Stamp duties.
8. Personal Income Tax
Taxes collected by  State Governments include;
1.Personal Income Tax
2. Withholding Tax
3. Capital Gains Tax
4. Stamp duties on instruments executed by individuals
5. Road Taxes
6.Pools betting and lotteries and gaming and casinos taxes by individuals
7. Business premises registration fees.
8.Development levies on individuals
9. Taxes for naming of street registration fees in State capitals.
10. Markets
11. Right of Occupancy fees over lands owned by State Governments in urban areas of the State.
Taxes colected by Local Government include taxes in respect of;
1. Shops and Kiosks rates
2. Tenement rates
3. On and off Liquor licence fees
4. Slaughter slab fees
5. Marraige, birth and death registration fees
6. Right of occupancy fees for land in rural areas
7. Market taxes and motor park levies
8. Domestic animal licence fees  
The above mentioned taxes do not cover all the levies imposed by Government. If you have any legal questions regarding your tax regimes, kindly use the services of a lawyer or approach any of the government tax agencies for clearification.
Adedunmade Onibokun Esq.