The government needs to declare a state of emergency on what has now become a destitute orientation/mentality of her citizens. The National Orientation Agency needs to be revitalized and gets her tooth re-sharpened, and be swung into full action. The draft/template that has been designed to shape our orientation needs to be revisited and perhaps redesigned.


“Sixty years of nationhood provides an opportunity to ask ourselves question on the extent to which we have sustained the aspirations of our founding fathers. Where did we do the right things? Are we on course? If not where did we stray and how can we remedy and retrace our steps?”

These were the candid words of President Muhammadu Buhari in his speech marking the nation’s 60th anniversary. These words obviously speak to our collective essence, a crucial concern, I believe, we need to consider and reconsider, in tandem with our burning desire to attain our deserved greatness.

  • Noah Dallaji, Founder, African Children Talent Discovery Foundation


From the above quotes you will agree that this session of the Nigeria Bar Association’s 61st Conference will be thought provoking and quite engaging. Join world leaders, political icons, judges, leading lawyers, thought leaders, policy makers, business icons, civil society and lawyers as the topic; Reversing The Trend – A Call For National Re-Orientation, is discussed on the 25th of October, 2021, at the NBA Conference. All lawyers are encouraged to participate either in person or online.