During the #NBA2019AGC, Prof Stephen Lowry from the University of Kent’s Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science will be the Lead Speaker at the session titled “Space, the final frontier”. 
Other topics for discussion in this session include: 

– Exploring our boundless universe of possibilities 
– International Space Law & Practice 
– Nigerian National Space Policy, and 
– Investment and Scientific possibilities in the Nigerian space industry. 
Other panelist are Dr. Gbenga Oduntan (Associate Professor of International Commercial Law, University of Kent); Motolani Fadahunsi – Banjo (Chief Legal Officer, National Space Research & Development Agency) and Temidayo Isiah Oniosun (Managing Director, Space in Africa). 
The session will be explosive and Lawyers who are fascinated with space and the solar system should look forward to an amazing session. 
Will you be there because we will.
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