After a careful and measured assessment of the three Candidates cleared by the ECNBA to contest, the Executives of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA-YLF) Ikeja Branch under the leadership of Yusuf Temilola NURUDEEN, Esq. have resolved to endorse Deacon Dele Adesina, SAN (DASAN) as the next President of the Nigerian Bar Association, 2020-2022.

We came to this conclusion having felt the pulse of the over 500 young Lawyers practicing within the Ikeja Branch who believed that Deacon Oladele Julius Adesina, SAN has a clear vision and the courage needed to surmount the herculean tasks that lie ahead of the next NBA President. It is no more a secret that DASAN is genuinely committed to preserving the sanctity of the Nigerian Bar having been tirelessly faithful to the cause of ‘PROMOTING THE RULE OF LAW’

Beyond the fact that he is a prominent member of our Branch, we cannot think of a finer and a more prepared candidate for the NBA Presidency, other than DASAN. From his service to the Ikeja Branch as the Publicity Secretary, Secretary and Chairman respectively, and later National General Secretary of the NBA under the leadership of Chief Wole Olanikpekun, SAN, DASAN has acquired a great deal of experience which has now made him the most experienced and the most prepared for the tasks of the office of the NBA President, particularly at this critical period of our National life. He has also served on various committees of the NBA where he has shown both skill and dedication to a dignified professional body of our dreams. Through his activities, he has gained respect from the public and respectable members of the legal profession.

The NBA-YLF, Ikeja Branch Executive notes with dismay and great concern the increasing and pervasive violation of human rights, the attendant unwarranted harassment of lawyers across the Federation and poor remuneration of young lawyers. Thankfully, the proven track records of DASAN leaves us in no doubt that the learned silk has the wisdom of Solomon and dynamism of the youth to pragmatically implement innovative ideas that would bring these malaises to a long-desired end for the betterment of the Bar at large.

Deacon Dele Adesina, SAN is a man of courage. As the General Secretary within 2002 to 2004, he spoke truth to power. One of such instances was when the NBA stood against the harassment and killing of two lawyers in Onitsha, Anambra State by some men of the Nigerian Police Force. Deacon Dele Adesina, as General Secretary of the NBA swiftly intervened by issuing a strong statement on behalf of the NBA and that culminated in a protest with thousands of lawyers in attendance. The protest was led by Dele Adesina SAN. As a result, the then IGP was forced to apologise for the dastardly act of his men and officers and, the culprits in the rank and file were sacked.

This and many more reasons informed the decision of the Executive of the NBA-YLF Ikeja Branch to endorse Deacon Dele Adesina, SAN as the next President of the NBA. He his matured beyond pompous platitudes. As young Lawyers, he offers us hope and convictions. We have accessed his manifesto. We have decided to scorn the riches of bondage and pain. We believe it is time to wrestle our destinies from pretentious ‘messiahnic tendencies’, the time not to kowtow to the yearnings of deep pockets.

The NBA at this crucial time in the history of this country needs a leader who shares the vision of its founding fathers and the average expectations of the general Bar. The time NBA must be seen to rise in defence of the rule of law and violation of rights of its members, protect and fight for the rights of Nigerians. The reason the great Aka Bashorun (of blessed memory) is said to be arguably the best President NBA ever had was because he fearlessly defended the rule of law and made NBA a formidable force to be reckoned with even by the military administration of General Ibrahim Babangida.

No doubt, Deacon Dele Adesina, SAN is a man of integrity, enviable character, excellent credentials, profound knowledge of the law and requisite experience and courage that outshines those of the other candidates. DASAN brings a sensitive, articulate, and intelligent voice to the Nigerian Bar and he has the strength to stand up to the forces that have had a stranglehold on the Nigerian Bar Association for the past decades.

It is with profound enthusiasm that the NBA-YLF Ikeja Branch presents to you; fellow young Lawyers, revered learned seniors and distinguished Senior Advocates of Nigeria the best man for the job. He is fit and proper with pragmatic approaches to bring about the NBA of our dreams.



Yusuf Temilola NURUDEEN, Esq.
NBA-YLF, Ikeja Branch

Opeyemi Ayodele OKEOWO
Publicity Secretary,
NBA-YLF, Ikeja Branch.

July 11, 2020