The attention of  the Executive of the Arewa YLF has been drawn to the statement made by some individuals purportedly disowning the earlier endorsement and adoption of Mr Dele Adesina SAN as its Presidential Candidate.

We had initially decided not to dignify these persons masquerading as our members with a response, but on a second thought, especially due to repeated calls from our members and bar leaders, we have decided to address our good members and general public, to prevent the entrenchment of mischief and falsehood as the truth.

We wish to further inform our good members and general public that our earlier endorsement of Deacon Dele Adesina SAN was borne out of his unparalleled love for Young Lawyers and the Bar. We stand very strongly, firmly and unshakably on our well debated, well considered and unimpeachable resolution. The resolution was arrived at by the executive members without fear or favour and in the best interest of our members after wide consultations with our leaders, elders and other stakeholders.

The four individuals who made this unpopular statement are not part of our Exco either at the Zonal or Branch level. They therefore lack competence to speak for the Exco. Consequently, we urge our good members and members of the public not to take their statement serious, but to disregard it in its entirety. Our executive is made up of upright young lawyers with proven record of integrity and cannot be enticed to take a decision. Notwithstanding the misrepresentation in the remarks of these sponsored personalities, we consider their opinions as personal as they have no authority to speak on behalf of Arewa Young Lawyers’ Forum.

Having said the above, we must state that the tradition of Arewa YLF is to speak through the Chairman, the Secretary or the Publicity Secretary and not through individual members.

On this note, we thank our good members for their unflinching support received thus far and we urge them to be steadfast, resolute and resist being used by anyone no matter their standing or the pressure to cause disaffection within our ranks and our dear forum.


Gbande Paul,
Publicity Secretary, YLF Arewa