The role played by the Nigerian Bar
Association and lawyers in the development of Nigeria’s economic and societal goals
cannot be overstated. Due to this, the expectations of everyone who
participated in or followed the recent NBA Elections are quite high, a fact
that is not lost on the new officers. The NBA President, Mr. Olumide Akpata, noted
this at his inauguration, when he stated that “As I informed the new national officers during our strategy retreat
last weekend, hitting the ground running immediately will not be enough, we
also need to hit it flying. Nothing short of that would match the expectations
of our members and Nigerians

While the new NBA officers have their work
cut out for them, it is important to note that they will not achieve remarkable
success except with the cooperation and support of members of the Bar. The
purpose of this series on NBA Officers, is therefore to ensure that lawyers are
informed of the respective duties of the newly sworn officers to enable easy
communication, and collaboration.

Though the NBA President leads the
Association and is ultimately responsible for the administration of the NBA
under his watch, the ten (10) other officers also play a huge role in the management
of the Association’s affairs.

In this post, we shall therefore be looking
at the duties of the Assistant Publicity Secretary of the NBA. As provided in
Section 5 (k) of the NBA Constitution; the duties of the Assistant Publicity
Secretary shall be as follows:


He/She shall assist
the Publicity Secretary in the performance of his/her duties and shall in the
absence of the Publicity Secretary act in his/her place;


He/She shall perform
all other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President or the National
Executive Committee or the Annual General Meeting.


Mr. Ferdinand Naza is the current Assistant
Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association. Follow him on Twitter