1. Travel and
NBA recognizes the need for
travels in the course of executing and meeting the objectives of the MacArthur
Foundation Project and its other functions. Travel and subsistence needs may
arise for members of staff from conferences, domestic trainings and meetings.
Consequently, NBA acknowledges the need to allocate and release travel funds
for all reasonable expenses.  

1.1 Objective 
The objective of this policy
is to instill accounting and retirement discipline as well as transparency in
NBA-related travel expenses. The policy also seeks to ensure that funds
collected from the association are utilized for the purpose it was disbursed in
line with the transparent accounting policy that is being entrenched in the NBA
administration. It also bears emphasizing in specific regard to the MacArthur
Foundation ACJA project that the NBA has an obligation to properly account to
the Foundation for all expenses incurred with receipts therefor. 
 1.2 Scope
 This policy covers
NBA’s travels and meeting expenses as it relates to the MacArthur Foundation
project and for other purposes as well as reimbursements including travel
costs, accounting for travel costs, and entertainment during travels. 
 2. Policy
 2.1 General
 It is the policy of
NBA to release funds in form of advance for all its activities. In situations
where advances are obtained, members of staff while traveling on official
business must exercise sound judgment in incurring expenses as all advances
will be accounted for. Travel requests must be in writing, approved by the
President through the General Secretary’s recommendation, and shall state the
Purpose of travel;  
Travel destination; 
Travel accommodations; 
Mode of Transportation; and
Travel dates and duration.
 The Internal Auditor
(or in his absence, the Accountant) shall review requests for advance and
ensure that there is sufficient cash to accommodate the expense. Alcohol or
tobacco expenses do not qualify as expense for advances or retirements. NBA’s
funds shall not be used for such expenses. 
 2.2 Travel Cost:
Transportation shall be by
air, train, bus, taxi, or use of rental or personal vehicle. Adherence to
safety measures is paramount and always required. 
Carpooling is encouraged for
members of staff traveling to the same location.  The shortest and most
direct routes are encouraged for economy and efficiency. Timely planning and
booking of rides and air travels is encouraged to obtain the lowest priced
 Use of the Association
or personal vehicles is acceptable when it is evident that transportation via
other means is not practical or when it is less expensive. Reimbursement to the
owner of the personal vehicle will be at the current cost per mile rate
approved by the National Executive Committee or the President personally or
through the General Secretary.
 2.3 Travel Cost:
Accommodation and Meals
 The policy allows verifiable
payment for a single room for as many nights as necessary while carrying out
official duties. Accommodation and per diem threshold shall be established and
reviewed by the Head of Administration and Finance from time to time and shall
be duly approved by the President through recommendation from the General
Secretary.  This implies that where payments seem ambiguous or outside the
expected threshold, the approver or internal/external audit can verify such
claims. Accommodations should be economical but practical. 
 NBA shall not
reimburse any staff for fines for traffic violations or private auto repair,
alcohol purchases, entertainment, or club fees.
 2.4 Accounting for
Travel Expenses
 The staff incurring
travel cost shall ensure that the President pre-approves the expense. Once
travel is completed, he or she is responsible for submitting receipts or other
documentation for all monies received and other reimbursable costs (if any).
 All staff of the NBA
(and National Officers who may have to travel in respect of MacArthur
Foundation Project) shall prepare Travel Expense Reports documenting the travel
costs including the amount, place, and purpose of the business travel. The
staff and the relevant National Officers shall submit the report no later than
seven (7) days after incurring the expense. The accountant shall review these
documents for adherence to approved limits. 
Supporting Documents
 The NBA requires that
receipts must be submitted for all monies received and spent. Supporting
documents should provide evidence of the amount paid for the goods bought or
services paid for. 
 A photocopy or typed
receipt shall not be acceptable as supporting document.  
Below is a list of acceptable
supporting documents for each category of expenditure:
 Expenditure Acceptable
Supporting Documents
Accommodation Hotel Invoice/Receipt.
Air Transportation (a). Airline Ticket (b). Boarding Pass (c). Proof of payment
made to the airline or booking agency  (This must tally with the flight
Local Transportation (a). Uber, Taxify and other Taxi receipt (Where
Applicable) (b). Bus ticket
Other forms of  purchase/payment   Receipt of purchase/evidence
of payment. 
 2.6 Reimbursement for
Travel Expense
 In circumstances that
an NBA Staff or National Officer is not advanced with funds for any preapproved
travel, he/she may undertake the trip with his personal funds based on and in
conformance to the provisions of this Policy provided that he shall retire the
travel expense in the manner stipulated in this Policy and be reimbursed with
such costs and expenses within 7 (seven) days of such retirement in the event
that the travel advance was not paid to him/her before the said period.
 2.7 Violation of
Travel Policy
 All NBA staff and
National Officers who may have to travel in respect of MacArthur Foundation
Project assignments are expected to comply with this travel policy. Violation
of this policy will result to disciplinary actions against the staff. National
Officers should please set the example in compliance for the staff.
 The NBA will recoup
all un-retired advance from the financial entitlement of defaulting